Tom Hiddleston RETURNING in Doctor Strange 2 CONFIRMED but not in Thor: Love and Thunder

We are back with Doctor Strange 2. The most awaited Marvel movie is just around the corner. Fans are really pumped to witness another blockbuster Marvel phase 4 movie. A new rumor is flying out there. Tom Hiddleston might appear in Doctor Strange 2! Loki is set for some exciting Marvel movies. We are also hearing his name for Thor: Love and Thunder. The rumors are endless. But which one is true? Is Loki appearing in these two movies? Well, in order to know all about it, stay tuned with us, just right here.

Tom Hiddleston Is Set To Appear In Doctor Strange 2! What Is The Actual Truth Here?

Tom Hiddleston, popularly known as Loki is ready for some fun and adventure. Recently, we have witnessed an exclusive Marvel series on Loki. The antihero is quite famous in the Marvel Universe. As per our inner sources, Loki might appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange 2 is all set and scheduled for 4th May 2022. Get ready to witness the variant chaos. The mad journey is about to begin.

As per our study, a few days back, Loki’s German voice actor was captured in an exclusive interview. He teased us about Loki’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2. This has fired the rumors out there. A new clip has been leaked. We saw a glimpse of Tom in Doctor Strange 2. The rumors can be true. We are still not confirmed about it. But we are hoping to hear from Tom Hiddleston soon. The antihero will surely add a new dimension to Doctor Strange 2. As of now, we do think the actor might appear in the movie.

Tom Hiddleston Is Set To Appear In Thor: Love And Thunder! What Is The Actual Truth Here?

Thor: Love and Thunder are in high talk. Our favorite Avenger is ready for another blockbuster Marvel movie. Our “Thunder God” is ready for some bold action and sizzling drama. All eyes are stuck on Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie is ready to roll out on 8th July 2022. When we talk about Thor, we cannot forget about Loki. Their sweet and sour chemistry is known to all of us. Surprisingly Loki will not appear in Thor 4. The actor has confirmed the above news. A few months back, Tom Hiddleston was captured in an exclusive interview. He was asked about Thor: Love and Thunder.

Sadly, Loki’s journey with Thor has been wrapped up by Marvel Studios. They have completed their tale. Thus, as of now, their chapter is closed in the Marvel Universe. They have done a lot of movies together. Their battle for the crown is still memorable to us. We would have enjoyed Loki’s appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. But looks like Marvel Studios will not consider our request. Loki is surely not present in Thor: Love and Thunder. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to know the latest updates on exciting Marvel movies and shows, stay connected with us, just right here.

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