Is Fat Joe Related to Big Pun? The Truth Behind Their Brotherly Bond

One of the most influential rap duos of the late 90s and early 2000s was Fat Joe and Big Pun. The two Bronx natives collaborated on numerous hit songs, such as “Twinz (Deep Cover ’98)”, “Don Cartagena”, and “Still Not a Player”. They also formed the core of the hip hop group Terror Squad, along with other artists like Cuban Link, Remy Ma, and Tony Sunshine. But, were Fat Joe and Big Pun actually related by blood? Or was their bond purely based on friendship and music? Here’s what we know about their relationship.

How They Met

According to Complex, Fat Joe met Big Pun — then Big Moon Dog — in the 90s after he asked him to feature on his song “Watch Out.” He eventually welcomed the emcee to Terror Squad, where he debuted his new name, Big Punisher. Together, the rappers formed a strong friendship and working relationship that resulted in multiple collaborations between the two.

Their Ethnicity

Both Fat Joe and Big Pun were of Puerto Rican descent, which was a source of pride and identity for them. They often rapped about their Latino heritage and culture, and incorporated Spanish words and phrases into their lyrics. They also represented their community in the rap industry, which was dominated by African American artists at the time. They were among the first Latino rappers to achieve mainstream success and recognition in the US.

Their Resemblance

Another reason why some people might think that Fat Joe and Big Pun were related is their physical resemblance. Both rappers were known for their large stature and weight, which they embraced as part of their persona. They also had similar facial features, such as their eyes, nose, and beard. However, these similarities were coincidental and not indicative of any biological relation.

Their Fallout

Unfortunately, Fat Joe and Big Pun’s relationship was not without its problems. After Big Pun’s untimely death in 2000 due to a heart attack, his wife Liza Rios accused Fat Joe of withholding royalties from Pun’s estate and leaving his family in financial hardship. She also claimed that Fat Joe had mistreated and disrespected Pun while he was alive. She filed a lawsuit against Fat Joe in 2014, seeking over $1 million in damages. The case was settled out of court in 2016, but the details were not disclosed.

Fat Joe has denied Rios’ allegations and maintained that he has always been loyal and supportive of Pun and his legacy. He also said that he tried to help Pun’s son, Chris Rivers, who is also a rapper, by inviting him to perform at a tribute concert for Pun in 2019. However, Rivers declined the offer. Fat Joe also explained why he did not attend the ceremony to celebrate Pun having a street in the Bronx renamed in his honor in 2021. He said that he had personal issues with some of the people who were present at the event, and that he could not stand beside them.

Their Legacy

Despite their differences and disputes, Fat Joe and Big Pun are still regarded as one of the best rap duos of all time. Their music has influenced generations of hip hop fans and artists, especially those from the Latino community. They have also been honored with various awards and accolades, such as Grammy nominations, platinum certifications, and induction into the Bronx Walk of Fame. Their brotherly bond may have been tested by tragedy and controversy, but their impact on rap history is undeniable.

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