Is Cole from Love is Blind Related to Barnett? The Truth Behind the Rumors

If you are a fan of Netflix’s dating show Love is Blind, you might have noticed a striking resemblance between two contestants from different seasons: Cole Barnett from Season 3 and Matt Barnett from Season 1. They share the same last name, dark hair, charming smile, and similar personality traits. They also both got involved in some complicated love triangles in the pods. So are they brothers? Cousins? Or just coincidental doppelgangers? Here’s what we know about their relationship.

The Official Statement: No Relation

According to Netflix, Cole and Matt are not related at all. They just happen to have the same surname and vibe. The official Instagram account of Love is Blind posted a side-by-side photo of the two Barnetts with the caption, “Every season needs a Barnett.” However, they also clarified in the comments that there is “no relation” between them.

Both Cole and Matt also responded to the post with some humorous remarks. Matt, who married Amber Pike in Season 1 and is still with her today, joked that he lived near Dallas for a few years in his early 20s and hinted at a possible paternity mystery. Cole, who proposed to Zanab Jaffrey in Season 3 but faced some challenges in their relationship, wondered if he had a third sibling he never knew about.

Cole also addressed the rumors in his Instagram stories, where he tagged Matt and said, “I guess we look alike.” He then posted a video where he told his followers, “Everyone who’s asking me if I am Matt Barnett’s brother…no. We are not related, but I think he’s a really cool guy.”

The Fan Theories: Long-Lost Brothers

Despite the official statements from Netflix and Cole, some fans are not convinced that they are not related. Some have pointed out the uncanny physical resemblance between them, as well as their similar dating patterns and preferences. Some have even joked that Cole is Matt and Amber’s son from the future or that Matt secretly entered Love is Blind Season 3 as Cole.

Some fans have also compared their interactions with other women on the show. Matt had a strong connection with Jessica Batten in Season 1, but ultimately chose Amber over her. Cole also had a strong connection with Colleen Reed in Season 3, but decided to stick with Zanab after she confronted him about his feelings. Some fans have criticized Cole for his behavior towards Zanab and accused him of being dishonest and manipulative.

The Verdict: Just Two Bros

As of now, there is no evidence that Cole and Matt are related in any way. They are just two bros who happen to share a lot of similarities and ended up on the same dating show. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends or bond over their experiences on Love is Blind. Maybe they will meet someday and discover that they have more in common than they thought.

Until then, fans can enjoy watching their journeys on Love is Blind and see if they find their happily ever after. Will Cole follow Matt’s footsteps and get married on the show? Or will he change his mind at the last minute? We will have to wait until the finale on Nov. 9 to find out.

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