Is Cole Barnett Related to Matt Barnett? The Truth Behind the Love Is Blind Rumors

If you are a fan of Netflix’s dating show Love Is Blind, you might have noticed a striking resemblance between two contestants from different seasons. Cole Barnett, who appeared on season 3, and Matt Barnett, who starred on season 1, share not only the same last name but also a similar look, personality and vibe. Many viewers have wondered if they are brothers or cousins, or if they are somehow related at all. In this article, we will reveal the truth behind the Love Is Blind rumors and explain why Cole and Matt are so alike.

The Similarities Between Cole and Matt

Cole and Matt both joined Love Is Blind hoping to find their soulmates in the pods, where they could talk to potential partners without seeing them. They both had a laid-back and humorous approach to dating, often cracking jokes and flirting with multiple women. They both also faced some challenges and drama along the way, as they had to make tough decisions and deal with the consequences.

Cole, a 27-year-old realtor from Atlanta, Georgia, proposed to Zanab Jaffrey, a 26-year-old business analyst from Chicago, Illinois. However, their relationship was tested by Cole’s lack of commitment, honesty and maturity. He also had a hard time adjusting to Zanab’s culture and family expectations, as she is a Muslim woman of Pakistani descent. Cole also faced some backlash from fans for calling Zanab a “smokeshow” and for being disrespectful to her.

Matt, who goes by “Barnett”, is a 30-year-old engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. He married Amber Pike, a 29-year-old ex-tank mechanic from Augusta, Georgia. However, their relationship was not smooth sailing either. Matt had to deal with Amber’s financial issues, her jealousy and her insecurities. He also had some unresolved feelings for Jessica Batten, another contestant who he rejected in favor of Amber. Matt and Amber also faced some criticism from fans for being immature and irresponsible.

The Truth About Their Relationship

Despite their striking similarities, Cole and Matt are not related at all. They are just two guys with the same last name who happened to be on the same show. Cole confirmed this himself in an Instagram video, where he said: “Everyone who’s asking me if I am Matt Barnett’s brother…no. We are not related, but I think he’s a really cool guy.”

Cole also joked about their resemblance in an Instagram story, where he wrote: “I guess he’s the brother I never knew I had.” He also tagged Matt in another story and wrote: “I guess we look alike.”

Matt has not publicly commented on Cole or their alleged connection. However, he did like a tweet that said: “So Matt ‘Barnett’ from season 1 is related to Cole from this season, cannot convince me otherwise.”

The Fans’ Reactions

Many fans of Love Is Blind were convinced that Cole and Matt were brothers or cousins, or at least distant relatives. They took to social media to express their opinions and share memes about their resemblance.

Some of the tweets included:

– “Are Cole and Barnett from S1 related? because they have the same last name and same idiot frat boy energy.”

– “So Cole is related to Barnett right? Because…”

– “how is Amber and Barnett’s kid already on the show?”

– “WAIT I was going to tweet that Cole reminded me of Matt Barnett from S1 and then just found out that both their last names are Barnett.”

Some fans were also disappointed that Cole and Matt were not related, as they hoped for a crossover or a reunion between them.

Some of the tweets included:

– “I’m so sad that cole barnett isn’t related to matt barnett because imagine how iconic that would be.”

– “I wish cole barnett was matt barnett’s brother so we could see amber’s reaction.”

– “I really wanted cole barnett to be matt barnett’s cousin so we could get some drama.”

The Conclusion

Cole Barnett and Matt Barnett are not related at all. They are just two contestants on Love Is Blind who share the same last name and some similar traits. However, they have different backgrounds, personalities and stories. They have never met each other or interacted on social media. They are just two bros with the same name who happened to be on the same show.

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