Is Clea DuVall Related to Robert Duvall? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Clea DuVall is a talented actress, writer, producer, and director who has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as The Faculty, But I’m a Cheerleader, Veep, and Happiest Season. She is also a descendant of French Huguenot settler Mareen Duvall, who immigrated to America in the 17th century. But does that mean she is related to another famous Duvall in Hollywood, Robert Duvall?

The Short Answer: No

According to Wikipedia, Clea DuVall is a distant cousin of fellow actors Robert Duvall, Wayne Duvall, and Shelley Duvall. However, this does not mean they are closely related or have any direct family ties. In fact, Clea DuVall has stated in an interview that she is no relation to Robert Duvall or Shelley Duvall. She said:

> “I’m not related to Robert Duvall or Shelley Duvall. I get asked that all the time. I wish I was. They’re both amazing actors.” 

The Long Answer: A Common Ancestor

So how did Clea DuVall end up with the same surname as Robert Duvall and Shelley Duvall? The answer lies in their common ancestor, Mareen Duvall, who was born in France around 1630 and fled to England during the religious persecution of the Huguenots. He later moved to Maryland in 1650 and became a wealthy landowner and planter. He had several wives and children, and his descendants include many prominent figures in American history and culture, such as:

– Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the United States

– Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

– Dick Cheney, 46th vice president of the United States

– Warren Buffett, billionaire investor and philanthropist

– Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist

– Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont and presidential candidate

– Benjamin Harrison V, signer of the Declaration of Independence

– Robert E. Lee, Confederate general in the Civil War

– Wallis Simpson, American socialite and wife of King Edward VIII of England

– Dan Quayle, 44th vice president of the United States

– David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author

– John Foster Dulles, former secretary of state

– Allen Dulles, former director of the CIA

– Peggy Dulany, philanthropist and daughter of David Rockefeller

– John Glenn, astronaut and senator

– George Plimpton, journalist and author

– Spike Lee, filmmaker and actor

– Illeana Douglas, actress and producer

And of course,

– Robert Duvall, Oscar-winning actor and director

– Wayne Duvall, actor and cousin of Robert Duvall

– Shelley Duvall, Emmy-nominated actress and producer

The Bottom Line: A Coincidence

As you can see, Clea DuVall shares a common ancestor with Robert Duvall and Shelley Duvall, but they are not directly related or have any close family connection. They just happen to have the same surname because of their distant French Huguenot heritage. Clea DuVall has made a name for herself in Hollywood with her own talent and hard work, not because of any nepotism or favoritism from her supposed relatives.

So next time you hear someone ask “Is Clea DuVall related to Robert Duvall?”, you can confidently say “No”. And if they ask you how you know that, you can tell them you learned it from Bing.

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