Is Christy Wright Related to Dave Ramsey? The Truth Behind Her Departure

Christy Wright is a bestselling author, speaker, and seminary student who was one of the Ramsey Personalities, a group of experts who offer advice on various topics under the umbrella of Ramsey Solutions, the company founded by Dave Ramsey. Wright was the cofounder of Business Boutique, a platform that helps women start and grow their own businesses. She also hosted a podcast and a radio show with the same name.

But in January 2022, Wright announced that she was leaving Ramsey Solutions after 12 years of working there. She posted an emotional video on her YouTube channel, where she explained that she felt God was calling her to a new season in her life. She thanked Dave Ramsey and the team for their support and mentorship, and said she was excited for what God had in store for her.

Why Did Christy Wright Leave Ramsey Solutions?

Wright did not give any specific reason for her departure, other than saying that she felt God was leading her to a different path. She did not mention any conflict or disagreement with Ramsey or the company, and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work there.

However, some observers have speculated that Wright might have been unhappy with some of the policies or practices of Ramsey Solutions, which has been involved in several controversies and lawsuits in recent years. For example, in 2020, Ramsey Solutions was sued by a former employee who claimed she was fired for being pregnant and unmarried. The company also faced criticism for holding a large indoor Christmas party without masks or social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Wright was not the only Ramsey Personality who left the company in 2021. Chris Hogan, a financial expert and author, resigned in March 2021 after admitting to having multiple extramarital affairs. Anthony O’Neal, a youth and money expert, left in September 2021 without giving any explanation. He later said on his Instagram page that he wanted to pursue his own vision and mission.

Some fans have also noticed that Wright seemed to have a different style and approach than Ramsey, who is known for his blunt and sometimes harsh advice. Wright, on the other hand, was more empathetic and encouraging, especially towards women entrepreneurs. She also focused more on personal development and spiritual growth than on financial matters.

Where Is Christy Wright Today?

According to her website, Wright is currently pursuing a master’s degree in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. She is also working on her third book, which will be about finding your purpose and calling in life. She said she will continue to speak and write on topics that are close to her heart, such as faith, family, and business.

Wright also said she will keep in touch with her fans and followers through her email list, social media accounts, and YouTube channel. She said she hopes to inspire and empower people to live out their God-given dreams.

The short answer is no. Christy Wright is not related to Dave Ramsey by blood or marriage. They are only former colleagues who worked together at Ramsey Solutions.

However, Wright has often referred to Ramsey as her mentor and friend, and said he has taught her a lot about business and life. She also said he has been supportive of her decision to leave the company and pursue her own ministry.

According to sitename, Wright started speaking for Ramsey Solutions because another speaker couldn’t fulfill their commitments. She didn’t ask for permission – she just said, “I can do it instead.” That’s how she became one of the Ramsey Personalities in 2015.

Wright has also collaborated with other Ramsey Personalities, such as Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman, and John Delony. She has appeared on their shows and podcasts, as well as on The Dave Ramsey Show.


Christy Wright is a former Ramsey Personality who left the company in January 2022 to follow God’s calling for her life. She is not related to Dave Ramsey, but considers him a mentor and friend. She is now studying theology at seminary and working on her third book. She is also still speaking and writing on topics such as faith, family, and business.

Christy Wright is an example of someone who is doing it scared2, as she titled one of her books. She is not afraid to take risks and make changes in pursuit of her purpose. She is also an inspiration for women who want to start or grow their own businesses.

If you want to learn more about Christy Wright or follow her journey, you can visit her website or follow her on social media.

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