Is Chris Related to Rickey Smiley? The Truth Behind Their Friendship

Rickey Smiley is a well-known comedian, radio personality, and actor who has made millions of people laugh with his hilarious prank phone calls and impersonations. He is also the host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio show that features news, music, and entertainment. But who is Chris, the young man who often appears in Rickey’s videos and social media posts? Is he related to Rickey Smiley, or is he just a friend? Here is what we know about their relationship.

Chris Smith: A Special Friend of Rickey Smiley

Chris Smith, or Big Chris as he is sometimes called, is a 23-year-old man who has Down syndrome. He met Rickey Smiley when he was 15 years old at a comedy show in Birmingham, Alabama. According to Rickey Smiley’s website, Chris was sitting in the front row and laughing so hard that Rickey noticed him and invited him on stage. They instantly hit it off and became friends.

Since then, Rickey has taken Chris under his wing and treated him like family. He often takes him to his shows, events, and vacations. He also teaches him life skills, such as how to drive, how to dress, and how to handle money. He even pays him tips when he helps him with his luggage or other tasks. Rickey says that Chris is a blessing in his life and that he loves him like a son.

The Impact of Their Friendship on Others

Rickey and Chris’s friendship has not only brought joy to themselves but also to many others who follow them on social media. They have over 5 million followers on Facebook, where they post videos of their adventures and funny moments. They also have a TikTok account with over 300 thousand followers, where they share dance challenges and other viral trends.

Many people have commented on their posts and expressed their admiration and appreciation for their friendship. They say that Rickey and Chris inspire them to be more kind, compassionate, and accepting of people with different abilities. They also say that they make them laugh and smile during difficult times.

Some of their fans have even shared their own stories of having loved ones with Down syndrome or other special needs. They say that Rickey and Chris give them hope and encouragement to support and celebrate their family members.

The answer is no, Chris is not related to Rickey Smiley by blood or by law. However, he is related to him by love and by choice. They have formed a bond that transcends the conventional definitions of family and friendship. They are more than just friends; they are brothers in spirit.

Rickey Smiley once said in an interview that he believes that God sent Chris to him for a reason. He said that he wants to use his platform and influence to raise awareness and advocate for people with Down syndrome and other special needs. He also said that he wants to show the world that people like Chris are not a burden but a blessing.

Rickey Smiley and Chris Smith are an example of how humor can bring people together and how love can overcome any difference. They are not only making each other happy but also making the world a better place.

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