Is Pam Grier Related to Rosey Grier? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Pam Grier is a legendary actress and singer who rose to fame in the 1970s with her roles in action, blaxploitation and women in prison films. She is also known for her comeback in the 1990s with Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown and her TV appearances in The L Word and Bless This Mess.

Rosey Grier is a former NFL player and actor who was part of the famous Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams. He is also remembered for his role in subduing Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy, in 1968.

Are They Cousins?

There has been a long-standing rumor that Pam Grier and Rosey Grier are cousins, but is it true? The answer is not so clear-cut.

According to ABTC, Pam Grier is cousins with Rosey Grier. However, Rosey Grier has stated that they are not related, but they could be distant cousins. 

According to Wikipedia, Pam Grier was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to a homemaker and nurse mother and a mechanic and Air Force sergeant father. She has one sister and one brother. She said she is of mixed ancestry, including African American, Hispanic, Chinese, Filipino and Cheyenne. 

Rosey Grier was born in Cuthbert, Georgia, to a teacher mother and a minister father. He has eleven siblings. He said he is of African American and Native American descent. 

How Did They Meet?

Pam Grier and Rosey Grier met in 1968 when Pam moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She lived with her aunt and cousin, who happened to be Rosey Grier. He was already an established football player and actor at the time. He helped her get started in the industry and introduced her to some influential people. 

Pam Grier has expressed her gratitude and admiration for Rosey Grier in several interviews. She said he was like a father figure to her and taught her a lot about life and show business. She also said he was very protective of her and warned her about the dangers of drugs and exploitation. 

Rosey Grier has also praised Pam Grier for her talent and courage. He said he was proud of her achievements and her ability to overcome challenges. He also said he was happy that she found success in different genres and mediums. 


Pam Grier and Rosey Grier are two icons of American culture who share a surname, a profession and a bond. Whether they are blood relatives or not, they have shown respect and affection for each other over the years. They are both examples of perseverance, diversity and excellence in their fields.

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