Is Alberto Frezza Related to Dermot Mulroney? The Truth Behind the Station 19 Co-Stars

If you are a fan of the ABC firefighter drama Station 19, you might have noticed the striking resemblance between two of its cast members: Alberto Frezza and Dermot Mulroney. Frezza plays Ryan Tanner, a police officer and the childhood sweetheart of the main protagonist, Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz). Mulroney joined the show in season 2 as Ryan’s father, who returns to Seattle after a long absence. But are the two actors really related in real life? Here’s what we know.

The Similarities Between Frezza and Mulroney

Frezza and Mulroney share more than just their good looks and acting skills. They both have a multicultural background and a passion for music. Frezza was born in Milan, Italy, and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He speaks Amharic and Italian, and is a supporter of the Italian football team Juventus.  He graduated from the New York Film Academy and made his acting debut in 2008. 

Mulroney was born in Alexandria, Virginia, to Irish and German parents. He is a classically trained cellist who began playing in public school when he was 7 years old. He has performed with several orchestras and composers for film scores, such as James Newton Howard and Michael Giacchino.He studied communications at Northwestern University and was discovered by a Hollywood talent agent in his senior year. He has appeared in over 70 films since 1986. 

The Differences Between Frezza and Mulroney

Despite their similarities, Frezza and Mulroney are not related by blood or marriage. They have different surnames, which indicate their different origins. Frezza is a common Italian surname that derives from the Latin word “frigidus”, meaning “cold”.Mulroney is an Irish surname that comes from the Gaelic “O’Maoilruanaidh”, meaning “descendant of Maoilruanaidh”, a personal name composed of the elements “maol”, meaning “devotee”, and “ruanaidh”, meaning “champion”. 

Frezza and Mulroney also have different personal lives. Frezza is single and has no children. He revealed in February 2021 that he had been diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy at the National Tumor Institute in Milan. He has since fully recovered and thanked his fans for their support.  Mulroney is married to Tharita Cesaroni, an Italian film producer, since 2008. He has three children: one son with Cesaroni, and two children from his previous marriage to actress Catherine Keener, whom he divorced in 2007. 

The Relationship Between Frezza and Mulroney

Frezza and Mulroney are co-stars and friends who play father and son on Station 19. Their characters have a complicated relationship, as Ryan’s father was absent for most of his life and has a shady past. However, they also share some tender moments and try to reconnect. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Frezza praised Mulroney’s performance and said that he was “a pleasure to work with”. [9] Mulroney also expressed his admiration for Frezza and the rest of the cast on his Instagram account. [10]

According to Station 19’s official website, Frezza and Mulroney are part of the recurring guest stars for season 4, which premiered on November 12, 2020. [11] Fans can expect more drama and action from their characters as they face new challenges and dangers.


Alberto Frezza and Dermot Mulroney are not related in real life, but they play father and son on Station 19. They have some similarities in their backgrounds and careers, but they also have many differences in their names and personal lives. They are co-stars and friends who enjoy working together on the show.

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