How is Josh Frost Related to Lane Frost? The Legacy of a Rodeo Family

Lane Frost is a name that resonates with rodeo fans around the world. He was a world champion bull rider who died tragically in 1989 after being gored by a bull. His life and death inspired the movie 8 Seconds, starring Luke Perry. But Lane Frost is not the only member of his family who has made a mark in the rodeo world. His second cousin, Josh Frost, is also an accomplished bull rider who is following in his footsteps.

Who was Lane Frost?

Lane Clyde Frost was born on October 12, 1963, in La Junta, Colorado. His parents were Clyde and Elsie Frost. He grew up with an older sister named Robin and a younger brother named Cody. Clyde Frost was a professional saddle bronc and bareback rider. He encouraged members of his family to follow his example.

Lane Frost started riding when he was very young, and he would ride dairy calves when he was six years old. He began winning rodeos when he was 10, finding victories in bareback, calf riding, and calf roping. Ever the athlete, Jane also participated in wrestling in his youth.

The Frost family moved to Oklahoma, where Lane became the National High School Bull Riding Champion in 1981. In Fort Worth, Texas, the following year, Lane won the first-ever Youth National Finals. By the end of 1982, Lane Frost was a professional rodeo cowboy. At just 19 years old, he joined the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and competed at the highest level.

In 1987, Lane Frost won the PRCA World Champion Bull Rider title at 24. As he planned to continue practicing and competing, the rodeo world was stunned by the success of a bull named Red Rock, whom no rodeo cowboy had managed to ride in 309 attempts. Red Rock earned the title Bucking Bull of the Year for 1987.

The stage was set for an epic showdown, and, in 1988, Lane Frost and Red Bull engaged in a series of 7 duels called the Challenge of the Champions. The Challenge of the Champions served as the focus of the Hollywood movie called 8 Seconds.

In both the film and the real Challenge of Champions, Lane Frost became the only rodeo cowboy ever to ride Red Rock for the required 8 seconds, a feat he managed to accomplish four times.

On July 30, 1989, Lane Frost rode another bull named Takin’ Care of Business at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming. He scored a 91-point ride but was unable to get away from the bull after dismounting. The bull hit him in the side with his horn, breaking several ribs and puncturing his heart. Lane Frost died shortly after in the arena.

His death shocked and saddened the rodeo community and his fans. He was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma. His grave is marked by a statue of him riding a bull.

Who is Josh Frost?

Josh Frost is by no means a movie buff, but he can recite the movie 8 Seconds almost word-for-word. That’s because the movie is based on the life of his second-cousin Lane Frost.

Josh Frost was born on June 6, 1994, in Roosevelt, Utah. His parents are Shane and Lisa Frost. He has two brothers named Joe and Jate and a sister named Jacelyn.

Rodeo is in Josh’s blood. His father Shane was a bull rider and his great-uncle Clyde and grandfather Joe were saddle bronc riders. His great-uncle took part in the very first National Finals Rodeo.

Josh grew up idolizing Lane Frost even though he never got to meet him. He watched videos of his rides and learned from his DVD called Bull Talk where he teaches bull riding techniques.

Josh started riding calves when he was five years old and joined his older brother Joe on the road when he graduated high school. His father bought him his pro bull rider’s permit and he has been competing ever since.

Josh has had a successful career as a bull rider so far. He has won several rodeos and qualified for his first National Finals Rodeo in 2017. He is currently ranked 18th on the PRCA world standings with $47,956.24 in earnings.

Josh is proud to carry on the legacy of his family and his cousin Lane Frost. He wears Lane’s signature Wrangler jeans and hat when he rides and has a tattoo of Lane’s initials on his arm.

He also shares Lane’s faith and humility. He credits God for his talent and success and always tries to be respectful and kind to others.

Josh hopes to inspire other young cowboys to pursue their dreams of rodeo glory just like Lane did for him.


Lane Frost and Josh Frost are second cousins who share a passion for bull riding and a love for rodeo. Lane Frost was a world champion who died young but left a lasting impression on the sport and the fans. Josh Frost is a rising star who is honoring his cousin’s memory and legacy by riding with skill and grace.

Both of them are examples of what it means to be a rodeo cowboy: courageous, determined, and humble.

According to Famous People Today, Josh Frost is the second cousin of Lane Frost, the world-famous rodeo legend. According to Edmonton Sun, Josh Frost is following in his legendary cousin Lane Frost’s footsteps. According to Mixedarticle and Showbizcorner, Josh Frost came from a rodeo family and is a cousin of the late Lane Frost.

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