How is Finn Related to Tommy: The Peaky Blinders Family Tree

If you are a fan of the British crime drama series Peaky Blinders, you might be wondering about the family ties between the main characters. The show revolves around the Shelby family, a gang of Irish descent that operates in Birmingham, England, in the aftermath of World War I. The leader of the gang and the protagonist of the show is Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy. But who is Finn Shelby, and how is he related to Tommy? Here is a brief overview of the Shelby family tree and the role of Finn in the show.

The Shelby Siblings

Finn Shelby (Harry Kirton) is Tommy’s youngest brother. He is the only one who did not fight in the Great War and is 11 years old in Season 1. Finn always wanted to be more involved with the family business, but he previously felt alienated from his brothers. In season 5, he tells Tommy that he was the brother Tommy had “forgotten” about.

Tommy Shelby is the second oldest brother and the leader of the Peaky Blinders gang. He is a former sergeant major who suffers from PTSD and has a ruthless ambition to rise in power and wealth. He is also a member of Parliament and a mastermind behind many schemes and plots.

Arthur Shelby Jr. (Paul Anderson) is the eldest brother and the deputy vice president of the Shelby Company Limited. He is a violent and impulsive man who struggles with addiction and mental health issues. He is married to Linda Shelby, a devout Christian who tries to reform him.

John Shelby (Joe Cole) is the third brother and a soldier of the Peaky Blinders. He is also a widower with four children from his first marriage to Martha Shelby. He later marries Esme Shelby, a member of the Lee gypsy family, and has three more children with her.

Ada Thorne (Sophie Rundle) is the only sister and the youngest sibling of the Shelby family. She is not involved in the family business and has a rebellious streak. She marries Freddie Thorne, a communist and a former friend of Tommy. They have a son named Karl Thorne.

The Shelby Parents

The Shelby siblings are the children of Arthur Shelby Sr. (Tommy Flanagan) and an unnamed mother who died of unknown causes. Arthur Sr. was an abusive and neglectful father who abandoned his children after their mother’s death. He later returns to Birmingham and tries to reconcile with them, but he is met with distrust and resentment.

The only exception is Arthur Jr., who still yearns for his father’s approval and affection. Tommy, John, and Finn, on the other hand, have grown largely indifferent to their father due to his long absence from their lives. Tommy even warns Arthur about trusting their father too much.

The Shelby Aunt

The Shelby siblings were raised by their aunt Elizabeth “Polly” Gray (Helen McCrory), who is also their father’s sister. Polly is the accountant and treasurer of the Shelby Company Limited and a respected figure in the Peaky Blinders gang. She is also a mother of two children, Anna and Michael Gray, who were taken away from her by the authorities when they were born.

Anna Gray was sent to Australia where she died of spring fever. Michael Gray (Finn Cole) was adopted by a family in Wales where he grew up unaware of his true origins. He later reunites with Polly and joins the family business as an accountant.

Polly was married to Mr. Gray, who died of unknown causes. She later has a relationship with Aberama Gold (Aidan Gillen), a gypsy hitman who works for Tommy.


Finn Shelby is one of the five siblings of Tommy Shelby, the leader of the Peaky Blinders gang. He is the youngest brother and has a close bond with Tommy, despite feeling neglected by him at times. He also looks up to his older brothers Arthur and John, who are both soldiers of the gang. Finn has a sister named Ada, who is not involved in the family business, and an aunt named Polly, who raised him after his parents abandoned him.

The Shelby family tree is complex and full of drama, as they face various enemies and challenges in their quest for power and survival in post-war Britain. The show Peaky Blinders explores their personal and professional lives in detail, as well as their historical and cultural context.

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