How is Bobby Wayne Henry Related to Missy Bevers Death? The Shocking Truth Revealed

Missy Bevers was a fitness instructor who was brutally murdered on April 18, 2016, inside a church in Midlothian, Texas. Her killer, who wore a police tactical gear as a disguise, was caught on surveillance cameras walking around the church before the attack. However, despite the video evidence and a $150,000 reward, the case remains unsolved after seven years.

Many theories and suspects have emerged over the years, but none of them have been confirmed by the police. One of the most controversial and intriguing theories involves a man named Bobby Wayne Henry, who some believe is connected to Missy Bevers’ death. But who is Bobby Wayne Henry and what is his relation to the case? Here is what we know.

Who is Bobby Wayne Henry?

Bobby Wayne Henry is a former police officer who worked for the Midlothian Police Department from 1998 to 2002. He was fired from his job after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while on duty. He was also charged with tampering with evidence and official oppression. He pleaded guilty to the charges and received probation.

According to CBS Texas, Henry moved to California after his dismissal and changed his name to Bobby Wayne Shinneman. He also became a fitness trainer and started a company called SWAT Fitness. He claimed to have worked as a SWAT officer and a military contractor, but these claims were later debunked by investigators.

The theory that links Bobby Wayne Henry to Missy Bevers’ death was first proposed by Renae Rodden and Crystal Lawson, two friends of Missy who started a podcast called True Crime Broads. They have been investigating the case for three years and have interviewed several people who knew Missy and her killer.

Rodden and Lawson believe that Henry is the person seen in the surveillance video wearing the police tactical gear. They claim that he had a motive to kill Missy because she was having an affair with his brother-in-law, Randy Bevers, who is also Missy’s father-in-law. They also claim that Henry had access to the church where Missy was killed because he had worked there as a security guard in the past.

Rodden and Lawson have presented several pieces of evidence to support their theory, such as:

  • A photo of Henry wearing a similar police vest as the killer.
  • A video of Henry demonstrating his fitness skills in a church.
  • A comparison of Henry’s height, weight, and gait with the killer’s.
  • A possible connection between Henry and a car seen near the church on the day of the murder.
  • A possible link between Henry and a phone number that Missy had contacted before her death.

However, none of these evidence have been verified by the police or confirmed by any official sources. The police have not named Henry as a suspect or a person of interest in the case. In fact, they have stated that they have ruled out all family members and close friends of Missy as potential suspects.

What is the current status of the case?

The Midlothian Police Department has stated that they are still actively working on the case and that they have not given up on finding Missy’s killer. They have also asked for the public’s help in providing any information or tips that could lead to an arrest.

The police have also released some new details about the case, such as:

  • The killer may have used a cellphone to record the murder.
  • The killer may have sustained injuries during the attack.
  • The killer may have had prior knowledge of the church layout and security system.
  • The killer may have had a personal or professional conflict with Missy.

Missy’s family and friends are still hoping for justice and closure. They have held several vigils and memorials to honor her memory and to raise awareness about her case. They have also expressed their gratitude for the support and prayers they have received from the community.

Missy Bevers’ murder remains one of the most baffling and mysterious cases in Texas history. The identity and motive of her killer are still unknown, but many people are still searching for answers. How is Bobby Wayne Henry related to Missy Bevers’ death? The shocking truth may be revealed someday, or it may remain hidden forever.

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