How is Akbar V related to Kandi? A Family Affair in the Music Industry

Akbar V is a rapper and reality TV star who has been making headlines for her feud with Cardi B, her collaboration with Nicki Minaj, and her upcoming movie role. But did you know that she is also related to another famous musician and entrepreneur? That’s right, Akbar V is the cousin of Kandi Burruss, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, producer, and Real Housewives of Atlanta star. Here’s how they are connected and what they have in common.

Cousins with a Passion for Music

Akbar V and Kandi Burruss are cousins on their fathers’ side. According to Billboard, Akbar’s father is Kandi’s uncle. The two have a close relationship and support each other’s careers. Kandi revealed that Akbar is her cousin in 2019, when she posted a video of them on Instagram, promoting Akbar’s appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season eight. Kandi also appeared on an episode of the show, where she gave Akbar some motivational advice and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Both Akbar and Kandi have a passion for music and have been involved in the industry since they were young. Kandi started her career as a member of the R&B group Xscape in the 1990s, and later became a successful solo artist and songwriter, working with artists like TLC, Destiny’s Child, Pink, and Ed Sheeran. She has won three Grammy Awards and has sold over 60 million records worldwide. She also owns a record label called Kandi Koated Entertainment and a music publishing company called Kandi Koated Music.

Akbar started her rap career in 2017, releasing music videos on YouTube and collaborating with artists like Mika Means, Tink, and Lil Mo. She gained more exposure when she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2019, where she showcased her talent and personality. She has also been featured on Nicki Minaj’s remix of “Super Freaky Girl” along with JT, BIA, Katie Got Bandz, and Maliibu Miitch1. She is currently working on her debut album, which she hopes will inspire other women to overcome their struggles.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Akbar and Kandi have both faced challenges and hardships in their lives, but they have also overcome them and achieved success. Akbar grew up in a rough neighborhood in Atlanta, where she witnessed violence and crime. She was shot in the head when she was 19 years old, but survived the incident. She also struggled with addiction, homelessness, and mental health issues. She has five children, whom she loves dearly and wants to provide a better life for1.

Kandi also experienced tragedy and loss in her life. Her brother Patrick died in a car accident when she was 15 years old. Her ex-fiancé AJ Jewell was killed in a fight outside a club in 2009. She also had difficulties with some of her former group members and business partners. She has two children, Riley and Ace, whom she raises with her husband Todd Tucker1.

Despite their challenges, Akbar and Kandi have not given up on their dreams and goals. They have worked hard to establish themselves as respected artists and entrepreneurs in the music industry. They have also branched out into other ventures, such as reality TV, fashion, cosmetics, sex toys, restaurants, movies, podcasts, and more. They have both amassed a loyal fan base and a net worth of millions of dollars.

Supporting Each Other’s Growth

Akbar and Kandi have a strong bond as cousins and friends. They support each other’s growth and celebrate each other’s achievements. In February 2023, Kandi surprised Akbar with the news that she landed her first movie role via Instagram Live. Akbar was overjoyed and emotional by the announcement, as she thanked Kandi for helping her get the audition and coaching her for it. Kandi congratulated Akbar for making changes in her life and following her passion.

Akbar has also expressed her gratitude and admiration for Kandi on several occasions. She has called Kandi her role model and mentor, who inspires her to be a better person and artist. She has praised Kandi for being a successful woman who balances multiple businesses and projects while raising a family. She has also thanked Kandi for being there for her through thick and thin.

Akbar V and Kandi Burruss are cousins who share more than just blood. They share a love for music, a drive for success, and a respect for each other. They are proof that family can be your biggest cheerleader and ally in life.

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