How did MF Doom’s son die? The tragic story of King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile

MF Doom, the legendary rapper and producer who wore a metal mask and created a unique persona, passed away on October 31, 2020. His death was announced by his wife, Jasmine Dumile, on December 31, 2020, in an Instagram post. She did not reveal the cause of his death, but praised him as the greatest husband, father, teacher, student, business partner, lover, and friend. She also thanked him for teaching her how to forgive, love, and be the best person she could be.

However, this was not the first time that Jasmine Dumile had to deal with a tragic loss. Three years before MF Doom’s death, she had to mourn the death of their son, King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile, who died at the age of 14. How did MF Doom’s son die? What was their relationship like? Here is what we know.

King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile: A beloved son and inspiration

King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile was born on February 22, 2003, to MF Doom, whose real name was Daniel Dumile, and Jasmine Dumile. He was one of their three children, along with two daughters. King Malachi was named after his paternal grandfather, Malachi Dumile, who was a Zimbabwean activist and poet.

MF Doom loved his son dearly and often posted pictures of him on his Instagram account. He also dedicated some of his songs to him, such as “Kon Karne” from his 2004 album MM…FOOD, where he rapped: “To my son, King Malachi, I told him, ‘Son, not for nothin’ / You got a lot of heart, but don’t let that go to your head / ‘Cause you still got to use your brain.’”

King Malachi was also an inspiration for MF Doom’s music and creativity. In an interview with The New Yorker in 2009, MF Doom revealed that he would sometimes ask his son for feedback on his beats and lyrics. He said: “He’s got a good ear. He’ll be like, ‘That one’s O.K., but this one is better.’ He’s very honest.”

The cause of King Malachi’s death remains unknown

On December 18, 2017, MF Doom announced the death of his son on his Instagram account. He posted a picture of a passport-sized photo of King Malachi and wrote: “King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile 2/22/03 – 12/18/17 The greatest son one could ask for. Safe journey and may all our ancestors greet you with open arms. One of our greatest inspirations. Thank you for allowing us to be your parents.”

He did not disclose the cause of his son’s death, nor did he give any details about the circumstances surrounding it. He also did not make any public appearances or statements after the announcement, and his social media accounts went silent for a long time.

Many fans and fellow artists expressed their condolences and paid tribute to King Malachi and MF Doom. Some speculated that King Malachi might have died from an illness or an accident, but there was no official confirmation or evidence to support any of these theories.

MF Doom’s death was also shrouded in mystery

MF Doom’s death was also a shock to the world, as it was revealed two months after it happened. His wife, Jasmine Dumile, posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram account on December 31, 2020, and said that he had “transitioned” on October 31, 2020. She did not mention the cause of his death, nor did she explain why it took so long to announce it.

MF Doom, who was born in London and raised in New York, had been living in London since 2010, after being denied entry to the US due to visa issues. He had a number of health conditions, including kidney disease and hypertensive heart disease, according to a report by BBC. The report also said that he had suffered from angioedema, a sudden swelling often caused by an allergic reaction, and that he had been admitted to Leeds General Infirmary on October 29, 2020, where he died two days later.

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, issued an apology to MF Doom’s family in July 2023, after an investigation found that there were “failures in the care” he received. The trust said that it had “let down” MF Doom and his family, and that it had “learned lessons” from the incident.

MF Doom and King Malachi: A legacy of music and love

MF Doom and King Malachi left behind a legacy of music and love that will live on in the hearts and minds of their fans and family. MF Doom was one of the most influential and innovative artists in hip-hop history, who created a unique persona and style that inspired generations of rappers and producers. He released several acclaimed albums, both solo and in collaboration with others, such as Madvillainy with Madlib, The Mouse and the Mask with Danger Mouse, and Born Like This with J Dilla.

King Malachi was a beloved son and inspiration, who shared his father’s passion for music and creativity. He was also a bright and honest young man, who had a lot of heart and potential. He was mourned by many who knew him and admired him.

MF Doom and King Malachi may be gone, but they are not forgotten. Their spirit and memory live on through their music and their love. Rest in peace, King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile and Daniel Dumile, aka MF Doom.

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