Google Announces Android Auto Beta Testing For All Users – But Should You Use A Beta Software In Your Vehicle?

Tech giant Google has recently announced that it is giving an incredible opportunity to its users to become beta testers in Android auto. As per Google’s recent announcement all the cellphone users using Android as the operating system can avail this opportunity and can register for a beta test program.

This beta testing program will help the tech giant further improve its software. Users will test the Android beta version on various specific devices which will enable text to join to collect feedback on how their product works on different devices.

To become a beta tester in Android auto users can register in the beta test program by enrolling in the opt-in page and thereafter users can reach any Play Store and update their Android auto to the Android beta version.

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Google told that users who are interested in becoming beta testers are advised not to reveal any features or updates before they are officially released for general public use once they opt for the beta tester program.

Google hinted that the beta testing version is relatively not so stable and hence may not work properly those who opt for the Android auto beta test program are expected to also sign up for other Google beta test programs to get access to features of Google maps Google app and Google messages.

One limitation which was pointed by Google for this program beta test program is that users can have only one version of Android Auto installed on their phone so when the android beta version is not available they can Android Auto. Users can also leave the program when they desire by opt-out page. Beta testing is fruitful for Google and for Beta testers.

Android Auto

Android Auto is an app that was developed by Google to mimic the features of Android devices such as you can mimic the smartphone features in your car dashboard information and entertainment head unit. You have to pair an Android device with your car dashboard and your card display would have all the features of Android such as GPS mapping SMS telephone web search and you can control the screen of your car device by touch screen or button control or you can even control by the voice commands.

Beta testing

Beta testing is a period of programming testing which is sent prior to delivering the product authoritatively for overall population use. Beta testing is a period of programming testing wherein client acknowledgment and possibility is shed now and then beta testing is additionally named as client acknowledgment testing in this stage programming advancement applications are exposed to the genuine world for the target group and input accumulated for them from them is utilized for additional improvement in the product concerned.

So this announcement by Google will allow end-users to test the upcoming features in Android fake id auto before they are officially released meanwhile will give google end-user feedback which will their a chance of improvement making their apps more reliable and user friendly so it is a win-win situation.


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