Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date, Plot and Storyline

Fear the Walking Dead has grown a lot with seven seasons to follow and now the fans are looking forward to the new installment of the show and what more the show has to offer in the story. Fear the Walking Dead came out as a big and successful spin-off title to the original show named The Walking Dead and mentioning the part that the show recieved a great response from the audience and though an impressive storyline was also portrayed throughout seven seasons at the time. In this article, we shall discuss Fear the Walking Dead Season 8.

The seventh season of the show was wrapped up some time ago and though Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 has already been in talks at the time and it is confirmed that Fear the Walking Dead will be coming out with its eighth season at the time. Also mention the fact that Fear the Walking Dead kicked off as a prequel to the original show named The Walking Dead but as the third season of the show hit the screens, it started running concurrently with the central storylines and the viewers also found this part impressive at the time and everyone got a glimpse that the show is reaching a certain point level in the storyline and though this was not all everyone also witnessed the characters crossing over into the two series and the fans also appreciated this part.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 is currently under development

Despite the part that there has been a lot of buzz regarding the new season of the show, the authorities of the show have not yet opened up to when will Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 be released but there have been big reports out stating that the filming for the eighth season has already begun back in June of 2022 and thus it would certainly take some time for the production to wrap up at the time.

There have been big predictions standing out at the time stating that the eighth season of the show would arrive by the start of 2023 but more look or teaser will be given by the authorities in some time. There has also been word out that AMC, who is the studio behind the making of the project is currently busy at the time with making the finale episodes of the original show and thus the finale episodes of the original title are set ahead for October along with November of 2022 and that the fans are eagerly waiting for the finale story to drop and so the exciting closure of the story could be covered afterall.

By this, it’s safe to say that it is very unlikely that the studio will be dropping Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 close to the release of the original title and once the story is all wrapped up then we would finally get more news and updates on the new season of Fear The Walking Dead.

There has not been any official glimpse of the new storyline that would follow in Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 but some famous predictions has been made currently which also tells us that the upcoming season of the show will turn out to be a big one.

Season 8 may portray the big-awaited storyline

While there has been word out that there are a number of ways that the story will run ahead but one of the things we can say on the plot by looking over at the finale of the seventh season is that Madison Clark will return in the eighth season of the show and this is the part that everyone is currently hyping about.

The fan favorite character was assumed dead a long time ago but the finale of the previous season gave a big glimpse of how she is alive at the time and how she survived the big challenges at the time and it is yet to see what big updates and information will be dropped by AMC along with the other major updates that will follow at the time too as Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 is currently the most anticipated one among the viewers.

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