Baby Driver 2 Release Date; Will The Movie Release Only On Netflix?


So, guys, you all love heist movies right? now what about some action racing movie? that’s also a big yes… IK. Now, what about a heist movie-followed-by-extended-car-chase? more interesting? yeah… that’s why when Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver ‘ made its way up to the theatres, it was a blockbuster. Ans from that very moment, fans are craving for a Baby Driver 2.

The story of a runaway driver (Ansel Elgort) who suffers from tinnitus, whose crooked moves of escaping on the road give more of a machine-like vibe than thrilling stunts, contains all of the characteristics to boil the blood with action along with a heart-warming love story in its core.


We don’t have to tell you that we need Baby to create another story of baby driver 2, so it doesn’t need any confirmation that we’ll be seeing Elgort AKA our Baby to relive the role. Back in ’18 Elgort informed MTV that he has got some ideas of the sequel from Wright himself. But “I’m not telling you” he added. Considering the fact that nearly all of the characters kicked the bucket in the first movie, it’s expected that this sequel will add some new faces. Wright revealed this much to Empire magazine. There might also be a time gap of at least five years, following Baby’s prison sentence (and assuming that final scene was a dream). However, fans are hoping that love interest Debora, played by Lily James, will return — as is James herself.


Thing is, despite the fact that baby driver became a huge success, Wright has never shown any interest to go for another round. We know that “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “The World’s End” represent the Cornetto/Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, but they all are movies containing unique storylines. But recently he suddenly piqued an interest in it. Here’s everything we can offer you about “Baby Driver 2.”

Edgar Wright confirmed that he is in action with the script of baby driver 2 for a while now (almost from 2018). At that time he told in an interview with MTV that he basically knows what it’s gonna be about, which people it involves and where exactly it goes. He also declared that he’s gonna be back at the driver’s seat (of course that’s the director’s chair). “I’m not going to spend six months writing it and then not direct it,” he concludes.

Aside from any unusualities, It normally takes for Wright to release two consecutive features, and moreover, his two masterpieces are already releasing this year. Wright’s first documentary, “The Sparks Brothers,” is getting premiered in June and the psychological thriller “Last Night in Soho,” featuring Anya-Taylor Joy, getting its ticket checked in this Halloween on October 2021. Another project Wright has on his hands is the adaptation of Stephen King’s 1982 novel “The Running Man.” So, sorry to say this and to keep you waiting, but the actual release of Baby Driver 2 is not gonna happen in near future.

“Baby Driver” is surely on the board. Now we can just bite our nails and wait for it to get the green signal.

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