Everything to know about Universal Studio’s Yesterday Marketing SCANDAL with Ana De Armas and why are they getting SUED?


The followers of popular actress Ana De Armas are filing a lawsuit against Universal Studios. The reason why fans are suing the studio is that they have obliterated the scenes of the actress from the musical romance show which was released back in 2019, Yesterday.

The plot of the movie was quite interesting. The storyline revolves around a young and rising musician Jack Malik (acted by Himesh Patel). A great blackout has happened on the earth and that has left Jack Malik the only person left in the world who remembers the famous band Beatles. Using this chance, Jack Malik starts to perform on stage as a solo performer who sings the songs of the Beatles, and in this way, he garners a lot of fame for himself.

The popular actress from the movies like No Time to Die or Knives Out had made her appearance in the show when it was first released. She acted for the character Roxane. In this context, you should know that Roxane is the love interest, Jack Malik. Malik would represent her in a song that she would perform in front of the public. But due to some disputes, Universal Studio has ultimately cut out all of her scenes, although she made her appearance in the trailer of the movie.

Why the Fans Filed a Lawsuit Against Universal Studios?

However, numerous fans have not taken this incident lightly. As a result, some of her fans have sued the studio for their wrongdoings. two of the fans of Ana De Armas has filed a federal class-action lawsuit on 21st January of this year (Friday). The reports say that they have complained against the studio that they were deceived into buying the film on Amazon Prime which cost them 3.99 USD. After they rented the movie, solely because they thought Ana De Armas will be there, they found out that there’s no sign of their favorite actress in the final cut of the show.

The lawsuit was filed against Universal Studios due to its engagement in tricky marketing. It is also reported that they are looking to give away the least amount of 5 million USD for the customers that were affected. The Lawsuit mentions that the consumers were promised a show in which Ana De Armas would appear as the trailer of Yesterday had implied. But in the final release of the movie the consumers didn’t see any traces of the actress Ana De Armas. So, the studio failed to provide any value for the purchase of such consumers.

In an interview with CinemaBlend back in 2019, the director of the movie, Richard Curtis had explained already that the viewers of the show didn’t support the idea that Jack Malik will be separated from his crush. The character was played by Lily James. The reports have also revealed that a similar case of a lawsuit was dismissed by the court which involved the movie of Ryan Gosling, Drive. The movie was released back in 2011. The lawsuit allegedly mentioned that the teaser of the movie represented the show as a high-speed action-driving movie. but all the fans got is a slow-going drama that contained a lot of violence.

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