Euphoria Season 3 Release Date and Production Updates on HBO Max

Euphoria has made a lot of noise with its success and though the previous two seasons of the show came out to be a big hit at the time and now the viewers are looking forward to Euphoria Season 3.

The creators of Euphoria mentioned that the show will return for another season and it has now been officially confirmed that Euphoria Season 3 is in production by HBO and the fans rejoice in this part.

Zendaya will be leading the show once again and may reprise the role of Rue Bennett alongside other regular characters of the show such as Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, and Sydney Sweeney. The news has come through by HBO that one of the key cast members shall not be returning to the show next season and that is Barbie Ferrera, who played the role of Kat in the show and though she will not be returning on Euphoria for the third season and the personality herself has confirmed this.

Euphoria Season 3

Euphoria was renewed by HBO Max for the third season

Barbie opened up on her Instagram that being a part of the title for around four years has been most special and enigmatic for her and now she says goodbye to the show. This news officially hit through after the speculation about the tensions between the character arc of Ferreira and Levinson has been talked around everywhere.

The previous second season of the show finished off in a great manner and finally, the fans came across to know what really happened to Fezco in the end and how Cassie and the friends reacted to the play of Lexi and whether Rue made the big decision to repair her relationship with Jules and which was soon after she told her mom that she has relapsed.

The highly anticipated finale of the second season answered a lot of questions and thus there are still some plot points that need to be given in Euphoria Season 3 now especially when HBO has confirmed the arrival of the third season at the time.

It is unsure whether Euphoria Season 3 may come out as the finale of Euphoria and even the executives of the title are confused at this time only time will tell whether the title may proceed ahead with more stories and seasons ahead.

The viewers are concerned about the release date of the third season while there is no news on when the title will release but Zendeya, who is the lead of the show has currently been said to be busy with other projects and thus there are predictions that Euphoria Season 3 might be releasing in 2024 and if 2023 will be out scheduled for the production and development work.

Talking about the storyline of the third season, there are certainly a number of plot points to cover in Euphoria Season 3, and talking about the cliffhangers which will continue in the new season ahead, it was portrayed how Fezco was taken over by the police custody after the part when he was accidentally shot in the stomach by Ashtray, who is his adoptive brother and he was then shot dead by the SWAT team.

Euphoria Season 2 ends at a major cliffhanger

The big question steps in at the time to whether Fezco will be sent to prison for the murder or what it basically means with the romance that he holds with Lexi Howard and it’s certain that things are taking a drastic turn and will be getting more exciting for Euphoria Season 3.

Maude Apatow, who plays the role of Lexi in the show stated that she will like to see a slow-burn romance coming in between the favorite pair of the audience which is Lexi and Fez. The show on the other hand will portray Rue Bennett out on the journey for Sobriety and also battling addiction. There are predictions that her romance with Jules Vaughn is now done for good but it is yet to see what will happen in Euphoria Season 3 as there is already big anticipation to it and especially with how the story will run ahead.

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