Eiza González is the top choice for Zatanna in upcoming DCEU project

We are here to talk about the big news which has been getting attention throughout as Eiza González is the favorite to play the role of Zatanna.

DC studios have been lining up some of the big projects over time and mentioning the part that Zatanna is one of the big projects to grab all the attention and thought is now the favorite to release over the time. The sources have also mentioned that the project Zatanna has been in talks in the studios for a long period of time.

There were big questions raised over to who will be coming forward to play the famous role of Zatanna and though the fans have been convinced that Eiza González is the perfect fit for the role after she posted a magical of hers on her social media account whereas to mention that she grabbed over a lot of attention and everyone started predicting the personality into the role of Zatanna.

Eiza González could be the perfect fit for the role of Zatanna

It has been confirmed by the authorities that the character would be getting her own movie and everyone is excited to cover more news and updates about the title and what has DC kept ahead for it over the time and though the magician of the DC comics will be coming forward with her own title and it is confirmed that Emerald Fennell is the famous director who will be writing the screenplay for the title.

There were other talks that were being held through the time stating that the title could also be brought ahead in the form of a series by HBO Max and thus it basically meant that the show would have more storytelling to be done at the time.

The fans have already dropped some of the famous artwork about the character fitting into the character and thus it has been appreciated throughout for giving such a great look of the personality in the look of the character and though it is safe to say that Eiza González will play the best performance in the role of Zatanna and thus to mention that she had a successful career and has been a part of some of the most famous movies and now everyone expects the personality to play the big role in the upcoming title of Zatanna.

Eiza González also posted a picture recently in a hat and though giving a more of a magician look from the character and this was something which the viewers loved to cover at the time and it is yet to see what more big news and information will be dropped ahead by the authorities and the studios regarding other updates about the title as there is no doubt that the title of Zatanna is holding some of the big hype among the DC fans.

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