Dwayne Johnson eyed for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film; Margot Robbie rumors debunked

We are here to talk about the big rumors which have been surfacing stating that Dwayne Johnson could be chosen over for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. Though to mention that now we would never see Johnny Depp suit up in his famous role of Captain Jack Sparrow as he already stated that he would not be paying the role ever and despite this, the Disney studios have to move on whereas to mention that the number of viewers around the world is also not happy that Johnny Depp will not be playing the role over the time but to mention that the studios have to move on ahead with the proceedings of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean.

Also to mention the part that the Disney studios are proceeding ahead with the franchise and though the announcements have already been made by Jerry Bruckheimer that two spin-offs of the title are out in development over the time and the other big rumor which has been catching up whole attention over the time is that Margot Robbie will also be joining the main cast of the movie but no confirmation has been passed through at the time and it is yet to see what the authorities will be decided at the time.

Dwayne Johnson is said to be the perfect fit for the upcoming installment of Pirates of the Caribbean

The big confirmation has almost reached through that Dwayne Johnson will be featured in the upcoming title of Pirates of the Caribbean and the fans on the other hand are reimagining what different looks be given by the personality in the upcoming big title.

Moreover to mention that Dwayne Johnson appearing in the upcoming installment of the title is a great idea and viewers are also promoting this part whereas to mention Dwayne Johnson stands out as one of the biggest personalities in Hollywood and though he has a lot of experience with playing ahead into the rough movies as his franchise of Jumanji also stood out to be a successful one at the time and that’s why the fans are excited to cover the personality in a different look.

The sources are also reporting that some of the other characters from the franchise shall be reprising their roles in the title and this will be exciting to cover a new look in the franchise and especially now that Dwayne Johnson will be stepping ahead. The rumors of Margot Robbie on the other hand are far from reaching the confirmation part according to the fans and though there are just talks the fans are discussing that the personality will not be fit for the title but it is yet to see what news will the title be dropping at the time and it is yet to see what more big updates and information will the authorities be dropped at the time.

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