Dr Stone Chapter 218 Read Online and Discussion

Dr Stone is a popular manga and the one which when it launched has been teaching lots of things as well keeping every on the edge about what can happen and what cannot happen. we surely  Love how the characters are built in the story one after another everyone is doing their best to solve the mysteries of Petrification. So when does Dr Stone Chapter 218 release?

Dr Stone is a manga which started from school and suddenly due to a  mass blast a sudden Petrification is caused in that even the entire world comes to a halt and everyone in that world becomes stone and slowly after hundred of years the people start to get Depetrified means they break their stone layer and see the world which has changed in many ways.

There is actually a lot to Discuss but we will keep the Article simple.

That is where Dr Stone aka Senu makes an entry and is shown that how he got Depetrified and the journey since then to solve the mystery of certification begins.

So far Dr Stone has managed to produce some great results and thus slowly further advancing and 0creating new things and advancing to solve the mystery of petrification.

Through the manga, he makes some enemies and some enemies as friends, and thus those people also join him in his mission and while Dr. stone is an Interesting character other characters also seem to be very well written in manga.

Dr Stone creates new things with the people around him friend or enemies doesn’t matter once he gets to do something he always does it.

That Being said we will see first what happened in chapter 217 in Dr Stone.

To put all the story of the chapter in some simpler words Dr.stone and his friends are planning to go to the space. but it seems that it will be a one-way trip as they don’t have time and enough resources that they can come back from there. But someone who is like Rookie Dr.stone proposes the idea of how they can return means they can actually in theory make 2 way trip from space. The reason they want to go to space is That someone has the secret of why the mass Petrification happened and this is their only chance to get it.

So they build a rocket so far that the rocket can go only one way and has no return ticket.

One of his friends gets to know this and becomes sad that they won’t be coming back again ever.

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But the Dr Stone Chapter 218 could put some light on this that what will happen and all the things that are possible for them to make a two-way trip but the time is running out for them to go to space.

So far we have seen the characters do the impossible things on their way and we can hope that in Dr Stone Chapter 218 something amazing will happen because we don’t want our favorite characters to die.

Spoilers Ahead!

There is a possibility that the characters will go and retrieve the information by actually not making a two shuttle but instead a pod that will be enough to drop them into the sea. from there they can make safely back to the land.


They can just simply ask the person if he has something there for return and all.

That’s all for now.

We will surely update you when we have the latest news on Dr Stone Chapter 218.


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