Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date; Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?


Adapting the Japanese manga of a similar name, created and visualized by Kei Sasuga, ‘Domestic Girlfriend‘ is a rom-com drama anime. Serialized by Diomedéa, the anime first aired on 12th January 2019 and after broadcasting 12 episodes 2 months on MBS, TBS, ATX and ATB it finished airing on 30th March 2019, which made quite a lot of fame for itself thoroughly describing how complicated bonding, relationships work among complicated humans. So, will there be a Domestic Girlfriend Season 2?

What’s This About?

During adolescence, there are a few kinds of stuff that can smack people in their heads more than the pain that comes from one-sided love. Natsuo Fujii is an example of this kind of case, who has been attracted to his open-minded cool AF teacher, Hina. Hit by this unattainable desire, Natsuo accompanies his peers and goes to the mix. Then he meets Rui at that place, that girl’s boredom complex contradicts him. After tying the knot with each other, Rui invites Natsuo inside of her house and asks if he will be interested to have sex with Rui, expecting that this will make her stop looking like an ignorant child in front of her friends. With his pathetic cogitations on Hina still going inside of his mind, Natsuo does agree with hesitation.

So, as the first instalment of the anime broadcasted over two years ago, it’s time to consider the thoughts for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Now, to talk about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 here’s all we can tell you. The first season of the anime has been serialized from volume 1 to volume 8 of the manga of Kei Sasuga. To date, the creator has published approximately twenty-eight volumes. So, from the aspect of the content source material, there is a hell of a lot of stuff left for the studio to check out, that they can work on another whole season with ease.

In addition, if Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 comes out, it will elaborate the work of Sasuga even further that will boost the sale of his manga and that takes us straight to our next important topic – thriving popularity. Since the publication of the first season, the manga has made its way to the top in the manga market after selling another million copies, bringing the all over sale of about four million. Considering the skyrocketed thrive in popularity, it’s kinda understandable why it makes total sense to spend money on a more aggressively thriving fanbase regarding the production of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.

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Howsoever, Kei Sasuga replied quite straightforwardly upon a question of one of the fans about the release of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2, that there is no intention of making another instalment (Season) for now. Her comments seem to be the death ultimatum for hope for Season 2. Hence, if we take all the previously mentioned facts in our consideration, we can end the discussion saying that, though the sale of manga and the fanbase as a whole has grown over the past 2 years, ‘Domestic Girlfriend Season 2’ is probably not gonna return at least for now.

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