Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled? Is It Happening?

Chicago Party Aunt is the most recent entry in the animated adult entertainment repertoire of Netflix. Chicago Party Aunt was recently launched on Sept. 17 on Netflix. Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 seems to be on the lookout. So, will this adult animation have a new season?

Chicago Party Aunt: Introduction

The concept started from a Twitter account managed by Witaske, developed by Jon Barinholtz, Katie Rich, and Chris Witaske. As a fictive main protagonist, the actor started composing jokes that ultimately established on social networks an amazing fan. The serial centres around her nephew Daniel and Diane Dunbrowski AKA Chicago Party aunt. While she helps Daniel to come out of his shell, he assists her to overcome society’s difficulties.

The Chicago Aunt, a.k.a Diane Dunbrowski is an unfiltered woman and enjoys teetering on the brink, was presented in this season. When her nephew (Daniel), who lives on the narrowness, comes to stay with her, she instructs him to enjoy his life as much as possible without worrying about what other people think. We observe Diane bonding with Daniel during the first season, and they both taught the other something new.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 1: Reception

The comedy series was well acclaimed for its basic yet colourful animation. Critics also observed that the series showcases Chicago-related qualities, which are wise and loving, but often stereotyped.

How many episodes are there in Chicago Party Aunt Season 1?

This comedic TV programme is just a single season and it’s now accessible on Netflix for streaming. Eight episodes are there, with a run-time of 22-25 minutes.

Chicago Party Aunt: Release Date

Netflix did not reveal a renovation of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 just at the time of this writing. We have excellent news about this series, though. They had 16 episodes scheduled by Netflix when the show was approved. On 17 September, just eight episodes came out when Chicago Party Aunt was available on the streaming site. This indicates that somewhere in the coming years we may expect a further episode to be released. That is why “Part 1” appears on the title page of Chicago Party Aunt. In addition, Chicago Party Aunt Season 1 activities are mostly held in the second part of the year with yearly highlights such as Halloween and Christmas. The next round may thus be scheduled in the new year.  In this light, we predict the release of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 for Chicago Party Aunt in the first half of 2022.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

While each episode is its own journey, throughout the first season of Chicago Party Aunt several unifying concepts are obvious. Diane is a great sports lover of Chicago. Numerous events, such as the Chicago Marathon and the Bears-Packers game focus on sports. More about Diane’s relationship with her sister and the mother of Daniel, Bonnie, has also been available. Although Kurt finishes ties with Diane, he does have a soft corner still for her. Therefore, throughout Season 2 Diane’s encounters with people in her life will be more explored, as she decides to live life to the fullest. So, we can anticipate much more from Diane and Daniel’s sports references, sports activities, and endless antics.


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