Cursed Season 2 Release Date Confirmed or is it Canceled?

Cursed TV series is adapted from the novel of the same title, by Frank Miller and Tom Wheelers, which was perfectly depicted as a fantasy drama on the Television screens. It attracted a heavy crowd of viewers around the globe on Netflix and left its fans with a major cliffhanger by the end of season 1. Season 1 was released on 17 July 2020 with love and some negativity too. The show was appreciated but currently has a 5.8/10 IMDb rating with 67% rotten tomatoes by people. In this article, we shall discuss Cursed Season 2.

A major cliffhanger and broken story made the fans believe that Cursed Season 2 is going to arrive on Netflix with a bang. It has been almost two years now and the audience of streaming giant, Netflix is eagerly waiting to get any news about Cursed Season 2. Here in the article, we have summed up everything available on the Internet about Cursed Season 2.

Cursed Season 2

The Superb Cast of Cursed Season 1, Watch the Trailer!

Based on the novel Cursed by Frank Miller and Tom Wheelers, who are also the creators of the show, Cursed Season 1 is produced by Alex Boden with the production companies – Arcanum and Frank Miller Ink involved in the project. Netflix acquired the distribution rights of the show and aired the first season on 17 July 2020. The first season witnessed 10 episodes of 48-59 minutes each with Jeff Russo working as the music composer.

The show is blessed by an extremely talented star cast that includes:

  • Katherine Langford as Nimue
  • Devon Terrell as Arthur
  • Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin
  • Daniel Sharman as Weeping Monk / Lancelot
  • Sebastian Armesto as King Uther
  • Lily Newmark as Pym
  • Peter Mullan as Father Carden
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin Sister Igraine / Morgana
  • Bella Dayne as Red Spear
  • Matt Stokoe as the Green Knight / Gawain

Cursed Season 1 Plot Synopsis

As soon as Cursed was released on Netflix in the Summer of 2020, it grabbed the attention of the audience because of its unique storyline. The story revolves around a little girl, Nimue with special powers. The magical yet mysterious girl was able to control and manipulate the plants around her. She was also not aware of this power for a long time but when she realized it, these powers became the source of her enthusiasm.

Such powers are considered negative in society and people started considering her a witch. The poor innocent girl became the Villain in society and was called “Witch of the Lake” without doing anything wrong. She got a destiny where several unwanted events in her life turned her into a sad lady. But this sadness cannot stand tall for a long time. Arthur, a teen mercenary joined her team as he wanted to win over the red paladin. Nimue was able to come out as a lovable character on the OTT platform and became a role model for many for the heroism she showed in different aspects of the story.

News of Cursed Season 2 Cancellation

Cursed Season 1 was released back in July 2020 and after a year, the show makers decided to bring the second season. Sadly, Netflix has canceled the show due to some personal reasons which are still undisclosed to the audience. Some critics believe it to be the low audience retention by the first season but many believe this not to be true. Do you know the actual reason?

God knows when we will be able to know the actual reason behind this decision by the OTT giant but as of now, there are no chances for Cursed Season 2 in the near future. Fans of the show believe that the platform needs to deliver the second season so that it can retain its popularity and eventually, the show can be proven superhit. The cast has referred to working on this project as some of the best moments of their life and feels grateful to be a part of it.

Who will Reveal the Cliffhanger Left By Season 1?

Is Nimue dead? Who will tell us about it? We can call it a miracle if Cursed returns with a new season. According to some sources, the show makers have already released their cast contracts and are now not bound to wait for the production and can start their other projects. Wheeler had posted on 9 July 2021 that something interesting is on the way. Fans believed that the writer of Cursed is announcing the return of the show but soon the news of the show’s cancellation by Netflix came out in the market which was quite shocking for the fans.

This is because season 1 ended at a huge cliffhanger and fans are asking who will be providing them the answer behind it. We can say that perhaps this was the destiny of the show, to leave the story unfinished or maybe the writers are thinking about something more interesting to bring with Season 2. Once the story is complete, they will announce Cursed Season 2. Stay tuned to know further details about Cursed Season 2 and its renewal chances.

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