Wanda Vision to Ms. Marvel, Here’s All the Disney+ MCU series Ranked

MCU has come forward with a number of TV shows over time and they have been ranked in order with the thrills and more excitement to cover for the fans.

Also to mention the part that the TV shows which have been released in the time would be linking to the upcoming movies ahead from the MCU and hence to mention that Marvel is a movie studio and that the shows have been released as a six-hour long envisioned movie and mentioning the part that the Marvel received a huge amount of appreciation from the fans worldwide for the sheer quality they brought in their TV shows and here are the following shows which have been ranked.

7. Hawkeye

Hawkeye turned out to be an interesting show and thus Jeremy Renner along with Hailee Seinfeld stepped into the show and came across old enemies of Clint Barton thus the show was a perfect Christmas fare and it stood out as lightweight and though the stakes were much lower as compared to other typical Marvel movies and TV shows.

6. Falcon and Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier secures the sixth position and thus it shows a true quality level with the storyline and portraying over the aftermath of the snap of Thanos and though Falcon finally comes forward in the new role of Captain America which he would have to accept it too. The show stood out to be mysterious and the political message of the show was also undeveloped over time.

5. WandaVision

WandaVision holds the fifth place with featuring over the story of Wanda Maximoff and Vision whereas the show comes out as the most creative one till date and moreover the show runs ahead on the origin story of Wanda Maximoff with taking some of the nice handled turns and twists that were great to witness. Though to mention that WandaVision came out to be the first production of Marvel TV Studios and it was just getting started with what it had to offer ahead.

4. Ms. Marvel

Considering the part that Ms. Marvel made her debut in the comics back in 2014 and thus to mention that the show started slowly at the time and was the least-watched TV show and that was due to the poor timing but the show caught up in style with the storyline and the way it led with the villains and also the supporting cast doing their best and hence to mention Iman Vellani appearing as Ms. Marvel was found out to be very interesting by the viewers and the ending of the show leftover huge suspense when the mutant was introduced.

3. What If…?

What If…? stood out to be Marvel Studios’ first animated series and it explored various alternative universes as branches of the timeline that has already been shown in the movie. The show was filled with energy and portrayed an interesting story. However, but it felt that the show did not reach its full potential and the big expectations that everyone was already having from it. Not to worry because a second season is on its way as confirmed by Marvel.

2. Loki

Loki secures the second position and the fan-favorite God of Mischief played by Tom Hiddleston returns into the role of a time-displaced character in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame though it follows over an interesting time travel adventure that all the fans loved to cover and thus the show portrayed how Loki teamed up with Sylvie, who is a female time-variant of Loki and they go on to discover the power which was behind the throne of TVA. But, the story ends on a cliffhanger as Sylvie kills He Who Remains who is a time-variant of MCU’s next big bad, Kang The Conqueror.

1. Moon Knight

Moon Knight can be said to be a show produced by Disney+ in order to produce something special and the story of Marc Spector was disconnected remarkably from the MCU universe and the suspense-packed story led with a perfect mysterious opening and closure whereas to mention that the show was enjoyable to watch. The show was appreciated by fans and non-fans all over the world and viewers are expecting it to return for another season as it ended on a cliffhanger.

The sources have also reported that there is more to come from the MCU TV production and the audience is eagerly waiting for more updates and information to come across from the authorities some of the latest announcements and the sequels are predicted to be announced in the upcoming San Diego Comic-con 2022. Other than those, here is a list of the upcoming MCU shows on Disney+.

  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • I am Groot
  • Echo
  • Iron Heart
  • Armor Wars
  • What If…? Season 2
  • Loki Season 2
  • Wakanda
  • Agatha: house of Harkness
  • Spider-Man: Freshman Year
  • X-Men ’97

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