Castlevania Spin Off Release Date on Netflix and Expected plot

Netflix has updated a little glimpse of its Animated, French-Revolution-era Castlevania spin-off, its name revealed to be Nocturne. Almost precisely after a year of doing an announcement about the show.

The story of the original Castlevania Series

In the original TV series of Castlevania, we witnessed a Vampire hunter who fights to save an encircled city from an army of other world’s creatures who is controlled by a Dracula.

It featured Trevor Belmont as the lead of the show. He fights against the evil vampire Vlad Dracula Tepes, whose intention is to destroy humanity and who is the main antagonist of the show.

Castlevania Spin Off

What might be the plot of the spin-off?

It has been hinted that Castlevania: Nocturne will be focusing if two characters, who will be instantly recognized and are familiar to the fans of the Castlevania series. They are Richter Belmont (a faraway descendant of the original Netflix animated series’ main protagonist Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belndaes) and Maria Renard. It will be showing the vampiric action playing out opposite the backdrop of the French Revolution, circa 1792.

The studio behind Netflix’s original Castlevania animated series, Powerhouse will once again be serving its duty for the spin-off Nocturne. Kevin Kolde will be the showrunner and Clive Bradley will be the creator/writer. The spin-off is in the procedure of production as of now but there is no such word on the release date of the series yet.

It was updated at the Netflix Geeked Week about the show’s production. It has released a teaser as far as we have seen. The original run of the show Castlevania is considered one of the best original animated series and an uncontested champion of the adaptations of the video games. The fourth season was one of the best-animated shows of 2021 and some of the best horrors Netflix has produced.

However, the show was concluded after four seasons, which followed the scandals surrounding the creator Warren Ellis. The teaser for the follow-up has shown Richter and Maria. The video game series will tell the story of Richter who is generations down the line from the original series protagonist Trevor Belmont.

Neither a synopsis nor an official release date has been announced for the new spin-off but we are keeping a regular eye for updates on the show. Even though the animated series has left, the universe it left behind is still living on.

Castlevania was the first animated show, and video game adaptation taken up by Netflix. The Season 1 of the show was released in 2017. It was run for 5 years with jam-packed horror and action in a world of dark fantasy filled with Vampires and hunters.

But it was a good decision by the creators and showrunners of the show to create a spin-off for the fans to keep them invested and remind them of the original Castlevania. While the journey of Trevor and Sypha ended with season 4, the spin-off planned is all set to be carried on from where it was left.

The main character, Richter Belmont and Maria Renard are the fan-favorite characters from the video game Rondo of Blood. It was also known as Castlevania: Dracula X in the U.S. He is also known as the antagonist of one of the most famous Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, where he undertakes Dracula’s Castle and attempts to resurrect the lord of vampires.

When Richter is seen in the Rondo of Blood, he is a grown man, with Maria Renard as his childhood companion. It will be interesting to see the further voyage of both of them in the spin-off. According to some reports, the story of Castlevania will probably keep going on until there is a Belmont in the story to be told. With 29 games in the series of Castlevania, most of them which have their own stories with their own protagonists, contain many known Belmonts.

Some of them are Simon Belmont, who is the lead of the first two games, Leon Belmont, who originated the Belmont family line, Julius Belmont, who ultimately slew the Dracula for good in 1999 and Gabriel Belmont, who is the main protagonist of the recent, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series. Although these many Belmonts come in between the Trevor and Richter Belmonts, Netflix has decided to show Richter now.

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