Bruce Campbell’s Secret role in Doctor Strange 2 REVEALED; Here’s what he is playing

The stage is set for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A bunch of exciting Marvel characters is waiting for us. Currently, the most popular among them is Bruce Campbell! If you follow Sam Raimi‘s movies then you know what I’m talking about! Looks like Bruce and Raimi are friends forever. The pair have done almost all the movies together. As per the latest theories, Bruce Campbell might appear in Doctor Strange 2. The rumor is getting viral out there. Recently, Bruce Campbell was captured in an exclusive interview! Looks like the star partially confirmed the rumor out there. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here!

Are You Ready To Witness Doctor Strange 2?

Get ready for the rollercoaster ride! The countdown has already begun! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is ready to release on 6th May 2022. Avengers are ready to save the Multiverse. As per our sources, Doctor Strange 2 will probably break the record of Avengers: Endgame! All eyes are stuck on Sam Raimi. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness opens another epic journey for the Avengers. Complex twists and turns are waiting for us. The giant Marvel Universe is about to explode!

Adventure, madness, chaos, confusion, everything prevails here! Are you ready to see Wanda Maximoff? Are you ready to witness the gigantic Marvel battle? The supervillains are set to wipe out the Universe! Can the Sorcerer Supreme defeat Wanda Maximoff? Trouble is waiting for Dr. Strange. He needs to save the Multiverse! The variants are ready to turn the world upside down. The most powerful version of Wanda is here! Can Dr. Strange handle the heat? Can Dr. Strange control Wanda Maximoff?

Bruce Campbell Is About To Appear In Doctor Strange 2!

Coming to our topic of today, we might see Bruce Campbell in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Almost every film directed by Sam Raimi features Bruce Campbell! Thus fans are assuming we will see the star in Doctor Strange 2 as well. Bruce was obviously questioned about the rumor out there. Honestly, he would love to become a part of Doctor Strange 2! In fact, as per his wordings, he has shot a scene in the movie. But we cannot ignore the fact that many parts of the movie were reshot! Bruce Campbell clearly left all of us in sheer confusion and frustration.

As per the new theories out there, we might see Campbell in a different Universe! He might initially appear as a normal pizza shop owner but he will surely portray a deeper role in the movie. Fans are guessing his shop name will be PIZZA POPPA. He is known for his strong movie characters. It will be interesting to see him in Doctor Strange 2. Moreover, as per Campbell’s statement, he would have loved to play an evil role in the movie! We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting Marvel movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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