Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and ENGAGED again and It just Happened

We are here to bring the big news which has been trending out as the rumors suggest that Jennifer Lopez might be walking down the aisle. The relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez has gained huge attention at the period of time and mentioning the fact that the personalities have known each other for a long period of time whereas to mention that now the rumors are currently running that the couple is looking forward to getting engaged.

The couple has stood out to be the ideal couple from the early 2000s but to mention the part that life had other plans for them at the time and thus they did not end up together at that period of time. The couple is now back once again and the fans are also making demands at the time from them to exchange vows.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is doing well with Ben Affleck

Also to mention the part that the occasion of Valentine’s Day is here and there are even more comments coming in from the fans to come across and tie vows. The couple on the other hand has also been stealing big limelight at the time whenever they step out together and this shows the fans that they are usually hanging out together.

The sources reported back in the time that the couple got engaged through the time but the time was not right for them as they head forward and to mention that they called things off during the while and so their engagement was also taken off at the time whereas to mention that it seems the right time for them now and the predictions are being made that they shall end up together at the time.

The source has also reported that both of them are completely in love with each other and talking about the fact that Jennifer has the back of Ben in every up and downside. The couple has been supporting each other with every tough situation and this is the best thing they could possibly do for each other.

Jennifer Lopez


The source also mentioned that they are keeping things upfront with each other and thus this is another good thing which they are looking forward to while their friends also have a different saying that they might end up together and would also get engaged eventually.

The couple on the other hand also had a number of differences like any other couple and it was getting hard for them to fix things including the part where Ben Affleck blamed his ex for his drinking problem and he was criticized for this part but the couple also tried their best to manage things up and thus sorted all the differences out and it is yet to see when they would decide to come forward and exchange vows at the period of time with all the attention gathering.

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