Amber Heard FACING MAJOR JAIL TIME after Elon Musk and Johnny Depp’s Testimony

We are here to talk about the big controversy running around as Amber Heard has been involved in some of the big troubled situations. Amber Heard is a famous personality who is known throughout for standing out as an actress and though she has been part of some of the biggest movies at the time. Amber Heard is not only known for her fame but also for the big situations she has been involved in such as the relationship controversies tied with her ex-partners.

Amber Heard was known to be in a relationship with Johnny Depp and the couple has been through a lot of situations or the challenges at the time which has turned out to be worst over the period of time. Mentioning the part that Johnny Depp was accused of assaulting behaviour against Amber Heard and the situation also escalated through the time.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard shall face jail time if the accusations stands out to be false

Amber Heard basically held him accused for the assault behaviour and thus nothing was confirmed over the time from any of the personalities side and that finally marked the end of their relationship but the start of their big drama. Johnny Depp also lost his role from Fantastic Beasts 3 and though Amber Heard was not removed from her role in Aquaman 2.

Many of the fans also stood in support for Johnny Depp at the time and even the celebrities raised their voice against the matter because there were talks that Johnny Depp was the one who was abused physically in their relationship. They went forward to take the situation in the legal matters in the court while it is still being investigated to what took place between them at the time.

The court is finally reaching to the level where Johnny Depp is now being held clean and Amber Heard is being said tot be guilty over the time. The lawsuit was filed over the time and now there are also rumours at the time that Johnny Depp would be getting back the role in the upcoming movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean 6 from Disney.

Amber Heard


The rumours are also turning around at the time that Amber Heard would also be facing jail time after the following situation which has turned out over the time and the rumours suggests that even Elon Musk would be dragged upon at this situation and both of the famous personalities might be giving a testimony against Amber Heard at the period of time.

This could stand out as a huge blow for Amber Heard and thus the personality could face some serious legal actions at the time if the accusations also stand out to be false and it is yet to see how the situation will turn out at the time as things have been looking intense for Amber Heard considering the current actions taken ahead.

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