Alexandra Daddario might be in the talks to play Invisible Woman in MCU Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 happens to be the most awaited film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has been a few years, we heard about this! But we haven’t really got the movies as of yet! But recently, we received some latest updates and news on the MCU version of Fantastic 4! Will Alexandra Daddario be in MCU Fantastic 4? Will she be the invisible woman in the movie? Stay tuned with us, to get on board with the latest updates on MCU Fantastic 4, just right here!

All About Fantastic 4 Is Down Here! Do We Have A Release Date For The Movie?

The Fantastic Four movie is still a mystery for the audience out there. We still don’t have a definite cast list for the movie! We just have a rough idea of MCU planning on the movie, Fantastic Four. The filming hasn’t really started! Thus we don’t really have many high updates on it as of yet! Seeing the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and series, we strongly think MCU Fantastic Four is still far away from us. Moreover, we are quite confirmed that the MCU Fantastic Four movie, will not be released before 2023! The filming is supposed to start by the end of next year, 2022. Given this, we do think the movie might release around the mid-season or ending of the year, 2023, or most probably at the beginning of the year, 2024.

Is Alexandra Daddario Playing The Invincible Role Of Invisible Woman In MCU Fantastic 4?

Now comes the main question of the day, is Alexandra Daddario really in MCU Fantastic 4? Well, we have heard a few rumors before which say, she might be playing the role of Invisible woman in the upcoming planned MCU movie! But as per our study, this happens to be a pure fan-created rumor! This rumor was on fire years back. But we still have continued to hear this rumor, now and then! So is the star really starring for MCU Fantastic 4?

Well, as mentioned before, the production and filming for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most awaited movie, Fantastic 4 has not yet started yet! Thus not much information about the movie has been revealed as of now. Most importantly, the cast of the film has still not been fixed!

Similar types of rumors were also heard about Emily Blunt! But she has completely denied those rumors. Well, in that matter, Alexandra Daddario has been silent about these rumors. So is the star really stepping up in the shoes of the Invisible Woman?

Moreover, we have seen many times that fans’ predictions and demands have been answered! So who knows this fan-created rumor too, might actually come true! Well, this can be only known when the assured cast list of MCU Fantastic 4 gets officially released. Until then, for more such updates and news on the latest Marvel movies and series, stay tuned with us, just right here!

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