A New Video Leaked Just Before Google I/O 2021 Teasing The New Look Of Android 12

Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser recently unveiled the new Google Pixel 6 smartphone, and now he’s released a slew of information regarding Android 12.

Take a look at the image above for an idea of what the next version of Android will look like, or watch the movie below. The video also includes what looks to be a leaked official Google video.

With the release of Android 12, it appears that there will be a slew of improvements, including big design modifications. We’re excited to learn more about all of the new features that will be included in the next Android release.

Google I/O 2021 kicks off tomorrow and runs through the 18th and 20th of May, so we may expect official announcements from Google tomorrow.

What’s new about Android 12?

You might be wondering what’s new in Android 12, and according to Prosser, Google has summed up the answer to this issue in three bullet points. While there doesn’t appear to be much information about how devices will operate better together or how privacy and security will be improved, we’ve learned a lot about that “wonderful new experience.”

We’ve already detailed a lot of changes in Android 12 throughout each of the developer previews, but those are usually just a taste of what’s to come. There are a slew of new widgets and buttons, as well as a couple of new animations. Google has been tweaking Android’s design year after year, updating existing UI elements and adding new animations, and they’re doing it again this year.

For starters, the notifications bar now has a fresh new music widget, as well as revamped Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles. A new volume slider, revamped notifications, a new clock widget, and even a new weather widget are all included in the update. There are a lot of tiny adjustments, but they all add together to make the Android UI more unified and friendly. You can also see some of the new animations in Prosser’s movie, which is timestamped below.

The upcoming Android 12 update, according to Prosser, will be largely focused on the implementation of a new user interface. To provide a consistent design across the system, the keyboard, app icons, and other UI elements all match. According to the promotional film, you will be able to combine notifications across many apps.

The lock screen also appears to sport a larger clock, which we reported a few months back that Google was considering enabling customization of. If you recall, there was a flag called “Silky Home” that could be used to make the settings UI much more one-handed friendly. Based on the promo video given, it looks that this look will be carried across the new Android 12 UI.

While it’s difficult to predict that
how the Android 12 UI will appear in the future, it’s evident that Google is planning major changes.

While we don’t yet know everything Google has planned for Android 12, we’ll be covering all Google I/O has to offer when it unfolds. What are your initial impressions on Android 12?


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