Zoom Could Be Owed You $15: Millions Set To Get A Payout, Are You One Of Them? Read To Know

Last year Zoom was filed in a class-action lawsuit on the lie that it provided full end-to-end encryption for the Zoom currency. Since at least 2016, the conferencing platform has promised users that online communications will be protected by 256-bit end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum privacy and security from cyberattacks. However, the only time users were promised to enjoy the privacy features was when they proceeded with the meeting via the paid Zoom Room connector platform. .. Not only does Zoom not encrypt the data, it also sells it illegally on Facebook and Google without the consent of the user which is not merely against data privacy but also against morality and legality.

Zoom lied about encrypting meetings recorded before storing them in the cloud, which turned out to be misleading in the proceedings. “Instead, some recordings are said to be stored unencrypted on Zoom servers for up to 60 days before being transferred to secure cloud storage,” the FTC report says.

Zoom May Borrow $15 or $25 Soon There has been some positive movement in lawsuits when Zoom borrowed $15 after a lawsuit alleging lies about crypto and filed a settlement offer last Saturday of $85 million for Zoom in the US All users affected in total. This will reward Zoom users of $15 or $25 respectively, as reported according to Ars Technica, which tracks events from the beginning of 2020. Screenshot of
Settlement Proposal.

All Americans who use Zoom from the beginning will receive a $15 reward, and anyone using one of the paid Zoom account versions will receive either a 15% refund or $25.00. Big. However, because the lawsuit was held in the United States, it is only the citizens of the United States who are being compensated.

As in other parts of the world, there is the potential for data to be sold illegally to third parties at risk, but the situation remains the same unless another class action is brought in the EU or elsewhere.

Proposed Settlement Includes Security Corrections, Future Integrity. In addition to the compensation provided, Zoom is committed to “improving the security of meetings, enhancing disclosure of personal information and protecting consumer data.” This includes handling past security vulnerabilities, allowing “Zoombombings” to occasionally occur when a meeting is interrupted and broken in by internet malicious commenters who have illegal access to the meeting. If the settlement has been approved by the courts, it would be nice if this could put an end to the long litigation and spell the start of increased transparency and security on the conference platform that many people in the world have become accustomed to using now. Because through the pandemic we have long been limited to working and studying from home.

Zoom is very successful, mainly for the pandemic, reporting revenue of 956.2 million in the first quarter of this year (February-April) alone. $85 million certainly hurts a bit, since that net income was $227.5 million. Hopefully, that’s enough to get the company to fix more of those mistakes. A hearing for plaintiffs seeking 4,444 applications for approval or rejection is already set for October 21, about two months later.


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