You Season 4 Release Date, Renewal and Where to Watch it

You Season 4 has been the anticipated one among the viewers and considering how the story left off in the third season makes it more interesting to cover in the next installment too.

The long waited new fourth season of You is finally set to release on the screens and mentioning the part that the show has come out to be one of the biggest titles on Netflix and the viewers have been curious to know what more the title has to offer ahead and the way that the story ended by the third season of the show and now Joe Goldberg will be returning for vengeance in the fourth season.

Netflix recently came forward to unveil some big details regarding the upcoming title and not only this but the release date for the new batch of episodes was also unveiled by the streaming platform. The show will be splitting ahead into two parts and that is for the first time in the history of the franchise there have been some major confirmations made by Netflix on the new season of You too.

You Season 4

You Season 4 details have been unveiled by Netflix

Though to mention that the viewers were already curious to know when the show will be releasing but it won’t be releasing this year. Netflix has unveiled that You Season 4 first part is scheduled to release on February 10, 2023 and thus the second part will be releasing on March 10, 2023 and so the viewers will not have to wait long for the new part to arrive and continue the story ahead. There is no information yet on how many episodes will the one part of the fourth season be holding.

There has not been an official trailer out for the upcoming title but hence to mention that there has been a teaser out for the new season which shows Joe Goldberg introducing himself in his new alter ego who is named Professor Jonathan Moore. Joe mentions that he is not the only lovable bookstore manager in New York along with being the shop clerk in LA or whether we talk about the doting husband in the suburbs now and that is not the casy anymore.

Hence to mention that Joe has a new focus around this time as he has left his killing days behind and he also stated in the video that he is currently focusing on academia along with the instruction whereas keeping his own typical extracurricular activities out on a strictly professional level as he goes on to continue about his refinement in the upcoming season. It has been confirmed that Joe is leaving his killing days behind and something new will be represented in his story.

Season 4 is set to release soon and information dropped by Netflix

However there has been word out that the viewers will have to wait a while before the new official trailer of You Season 4 may release but it’s not long before Netflix will drop more updates on this part. The third season of You had a dramatic ending and as Joe murdered his wife Love whereas abandoned their baby with the family some blocks away and not only this but he faked his death while he goes on to bake his own toe with the aim of aforementioning the murder on Love and then he goes on to set his house on fire.

The very ending of the show portrayed how Joe touched down in Paris and was going by the name Nick and was in the lookout of Marienne, who was basically known to be from the French Capital. The recently TUDUM event of Netflix made the confirmation that Joe will be introduced with his new alter ego in the upcoming season of the show whereas he is now pretending to be a college professor and is going by the name Jonathan Moore. The viewers are currently waiting for more information to drop and especially an official trailer on the upcoming title which will be giving another big look on how the story will be leading ahead whereas the previous three seasons of the show are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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