Winds of Winter Release Date Hinted by George RR Martin

Release Date of Winds of Winter

The sixth fiction, The Winds of Winter, from the assembly of famous classics, A song of Ice and Fire created by George RR Martin will be out soon as declared by RR Martin itself. But he has not revealed any official date for the release of The Winds Of Winter. However, he disclosed that it will comprise two huge volumes consisting of more than three thousand pages. 2021 is pacing towards its end and thus we can expect that noel would be made accessible to the public anytime soon, either at the end of this year. George RR Martin is one of the famous American authors. His work A song of Ice and Fire was the center on which one of the greatest works of all time of HBO, Game of Thrones was based. As per the speculations made The Winds of Winter would be made available to the readers on 13 November 2023. It was made clear by George as he updated on his weblog that it would take him a longer time than usual to complete this e-book.

He also commented that his fans have permission to lock him in White Island if he was not able to end his work up till July 2020. The fifth part of the book The Game of Thrones, Dance with Dragons, was released ten years ago, since then readers have been waiting for the next part of the series, The Winds of Winter. With his latest blog, Martin updated his readers that he is on the verge of completing the Winds of Winter. Martin also made public about his five-year contract with HBO TV for the airing of The Game of Thrones. HBO is currently working on the production of various superhit shows namely, House of the Dragon, 9 Voyages, a Flea Bottom series, and a Dunk and Egg series. Martin further added that he is already behind the deadline for the completion of The Winds of Winter but due to some not-so-good phases, his work was delayed. He said that he has a lot more work to do in near future like writing other Egg and Dunk novels and editing some more Wild Card books.

Characters of the novel

The names of the characters of the story are as follows: Aeron Greyjoy, Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Victarion Greyjoy, Sansa Stark, Arianne Martell, Theon Greyjoy.

The storyline of the upcoming novel

All the fans are eager to know the plot of the novel. The story of ‘The Winds of Winter’ mainly focuses on the ‘Dance With The Dragons’. According to George, he will be focusing on two wars, the first is the war on the ice and the second depicts the battle at Meeren. George also displayed the dark nature of the series in the year 2016. The story is primarily based on bloodshed and the dark sight of many characters has been depicted in it.

Hope that The Winds of Winter would be soon released for its readers. Stay tuned for more updates.


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