Will Smith Gay and Opens Up About Homosexuality After Assaulting Chris Rock

We are here to talk about the big controversy which took place during the big event of the Oscars as Will Smith has been part of the big headlines due to the move he made at the time. Mentioning the part that this Oscars will always stand out to be a historical one over the time due to the big situation which turned out at the event and some of the big headlines are also being made at the period of time with Will Smith leading them.

Chris Rock made a funny comment on Jada Pinkett Smith and referred her to appear in G.I. Jane 2 everyone took it over to the funny level at the time but Will Smith found the joke to be offensive at the time and he then walked up to the stage and slapped Chris Rock in front of everyone on national television while the big celebrities and the people watching from all around the world were already shocked after coming across the scene which took place.

Will Smith

Will Smith is rumored to be gay and the other reason why he slapped Chris Rock

The discussion is far from over at the time and a lot of tension is building around at the time as there have been sources reporting at the time that the Oscars is basically holding an event at the time where the officials may discuss whether Will Smith would be dropped from the best actor award or not while there are high chances to it and the audience from throughout the world has raised their voices on this part.

While many of the fans have been supporting the personality everyone has been taking a stand with different sides at the time. Moreover to mention that Chris Rock has also not pressed any charges against the personality as the audience has also been demanding the famous actor to move ahead and press charges so legal actions could be taken from the authorities.

Will Smith

The audience on the other hand is not get done with the personality and thus they are asking him to explain the circumstances of the action while the fan discussions are also turning up on the internet stating that Will Smith is gay and though he might also open up about homosexuality in some time while he has already expressed it with his family and close friends at the time.

The sources are currently sitting tight at the moment to cover any more updates or news on this part while it is yet to see what would go forward now that a lot of things are being unveiled at this period of time. Things have been looking intense on the other hand for all at the time while Chris Rock is yet to come forward and address the situation and everyone has also been calling the personality out at the time.

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