Will Equalizer 3 Brings Back Denzel Washington One Last Time?

The Equalizer: Introduction

With a similar storyline to the 1980s crime drama of the similar title that featured Edward Woodward, The Equalizer flicks follow former criminal Robert McCall (Washington) as he protects harmless civilians from criminals who would hurt them. However, even if Robert isn’t superhuman, the series still has a vengeful aspect that helps the show fit comfortably into the 21st century amongst The Punisher and John Wick.

When asked about the possibility of an Equalizer 3, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fuqua was affirmative in her response.

As Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua’s magnum work, The Equalizer has been a rollercoaster journey of epic proportions. The plot is built up in a manner that doesn’t get boring and keeps the audience intrigued about what happens next. Many Antoine Fuqua fans have never missed a single film, and this one is no exception. Because Denzel is such a versatile performer, his portrayal of a former support warrior living with some other character in this film is quite remarkable. Throughout the film, he strives to fulfill his goal of helping unfortunate folks who are suffering from hardships.

Will Denzel Washington Return As The Equalizer?

Among Hollywood’s most renowned stars, Denzel Washington becomes one of the most dependable. Glory and Training Day won him Academy Awards, and he also starred in John Q., Inside Man, Fences, and several other movies. It’s simple to understand why he’s been so revered for so long. His appeal becomes even more astounding when you realize that he tends to avoid big-budget properties. Inside Man, which falls among one of his successful films, had a sequel, but he was absent.  Considering Washington’s almost 40-year professional life, Equalizer 2 is the only follow-up movie Washington has been a part of. If Sony at all decides of having Equalizer 3, it is entirely dependent on Washington. For his part, Fuqua expressed his desire in the idea of another film, but it would be Washington’s presence that ultimately would lead to a third film’s production.

The fact that the last two films grossed heavily is the first sign that Equalizer 3 will be made.  When you look at the last two films, which grossed nearly $190 million separately on around 33 percent of their budget, you can see that a third Equalizer picture is likely to materialize.  Although Denzel Washington plays an important role in the success of this series, there are other elements at play as well.

The Equalizer 3: Release Date

In the past, there was a four-year gap among both equalizer films. This suggests that Equalizer 3 will follow a similar trend of release schedules. The release of equalizer 3 is unknown, but we estimate it to be in the second half of 2023. There is a big fan following eagerly awaiting its arrival, but we have nothing to do now but to wait.

The Equalizer 3: Expected Plot

Robert McCall, who lost his last companion, will be the new focus of the plot. The time has now come for him to exact his last retribution on those who conspired against him and wished for his demise. While we’re hoping Equalizer 3 doesn’t require a lot of “pitching,” because Washington has spoken about how much fun he had working with them in the past, let’s hope it doesn’t need one.

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