Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from her work. A few days back, she had made a statement on the Holocaust issue. According to her, the whole bleeding battle was not based on racism. Her controversial statement has saddened many out there. She has already gone through a lot of backlashes. But looks like she still needs to accept her suspension period from the ABC News executives. They have decided to cancel her shows. Whoopi has already apologized to the public for her controversial statement. Nonetheless, she will have to face the consequences of her views and opinions. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just down here.

ABC News Handovers, The Suspension Letter To Whoopi Goldberg

The executive director of ABC News, Kim Godwin has decided to cancel Whoopi Goldberg’s popular show from the ABC network. They want Whoopi to spend some time alone. She needs to modify and rectify her views and statements. Holocaust took so many lives and was based on brutality and racist views. We are with all the Jewish people out there. ABC News stands with everyone who has objected against Whoopi’s views. Moreover, the company has also employed a ton of Jewish people. Obviously, they won’t like hurting anyone’s sentiments. Moreover, Whoopi needs to realize her mistake. They have accepted her public and official apology but they still want her to go through the suspension period. She can use her free time in reviewing her past thoughts.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Statement On Holocaust, People Are Not Happy With Her Views And Opinions

Previously, Whoopi Goldberg said on her show that Holocaust was not centered around racism. According to her, the brutal killed almost everyone, which also included white individuals. Recently, a book has been banned from the Tennessee school board. They have said the textbook showcases nudity, which is not good for the kids. A nude women’s image appears in the book, which has forced the board to take such a massive decision. But Whoopi thinks the justification given by the education board is absolutely baseless. There is a political agenda behind this decision. The board is trying to hide the political outlook from the students. This brings Whoopi to the Holocaust, where she went beyond with her opinions. The whole thing backfired her.


Whoopi Goldberg’s views were criticized by everyone out there. At last, she has to drop down her opinions. She apologized to everyone through her Twitter handle. She has also rectified her statement. Whoopi is still silent on her suspension. Let’s hope she will soon come back to the ABC News show. She has accepted her mistakes. Though, how she feels about her suspension is still not known to us. We are hoping to hear from her soon. We will soon update you about this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on juicy celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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