Watchmen Season 2 Canceled on HBO. Are there any chances of Renewal?

Watchmen was beloved by many viewers. Its first season got into the hearts of many and the audience was very happy to witness the show. We were expecting Watchmen Season 2. But it looks like it is not going to happen.

The TV show, Watchmen on the channel HBO was undoubtedly the best series on TV in the year 2019. HBO’S Watchmen congregated a graceful cast that played both the new and recognizable characters and showed the struggle with the peril of Racial Oppression in America, in the necessary setup of Tulsa, Oklahoma, almost after 100 years of the Black Wall Street Massacre of 1921.

Watchmen Season 2

Is the Season 2 not coming at all?

While a major and gallant effort was put by the creators into integrating everything into an independent bundle, nine scenes from Watchmen left the audience with a few questions to be answered and created a possibility for a second season. But unfortunately and sadly, the renewal of Watchmen Season 2 seems impossible and we will not be able to get the answers to the rotating questions in our minds.

Despite very big and admirable reviews from experts and HBO’s compelling fall season record, there is no hint that Watchmen is returning with a second season now. Watchmen won 11 Emmys in which awards were included for the stars Regina King, Yayha Abdul Mateen II, and scientists Damon Salvatore and Cord Jefferson.

It was also accoladed with the ‘Outstanding Limited Series Award’. Now if we realize that it was a limited series, it might have had no plans to come back from the start.

Lindelof had played the role of a writer and executive producer of the First season. When the first season finished, he left his role as the showrunner as well. He had said after the conclusion of the show that he was done with the work of telling the story he set out to. If HBO did decide on another season, his statement was that he won’t be taking over the show.

HBO’s programming Boss Casey Bloys said that it was hard for him to imagine that Damon will not be involved in the show in some way. So, even if HBO has not officially declared the cancelation of the show, fans would have relied all their hopes on Lindelof if they want the TV network to give the show another chance of renewal.

As an instant reaction to the news of the possibility of the show not returning, Bloys tweeted a link to a Decider story declaring that the renewal is still a possibility. But Lindelof’s words are the ones we all are waiting for somewhere.

What could have been the expected plot of Season 2?

The first season of Watchmen was set in an alternate history. In that, masked vigilantes were treated as outlaws. Watchmen show greets the nostalgia of the basic groundbreaking graphic novel with the same name, while it attempts in breaking new ground of its own.

It is based on the very much popular novel written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. A white supremacist attacks the local police department and the attack leaves just two surviving police cops. Laws are passed for the cops to hide their identities behind masks. Then one of the masked cops is shown fighting the racists whilst she deals with the long decade legacy of the vigilantes.

So, if Watchmen Season 2 was on its way to renewal, it could have focused on showing the Watchmen as more involved super humans. It would have investigated if Angela Abar (Regina King) can help Dr. Manhattan has or has not acquired it.

The show throughout got many loyal fans who would have loved to watch several seasons of the series. Also, in 2020, HBO announced that the show is being reclassified from a drama series to a limited series. It also mentioned that it may be available for any future installments but as of now, no such installment has been indicated to.

It indicates that the HBO Programmer has not ruled out the probability for Watchmen Season 2 and neither have the fans, all elements considered. It’s Lindelof we are relying upon.

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