Transplant Season 2 Release Date; Will NBC Renew The Series?

Transplant was launched one year back. The show appeared during the fall season of 2020 on the NBC network. As soon as the series, Transplant was released, it became highly popular on the NBC network. Ever since the show ended, people have been asking about Transplant season 2. But where is it? Is the show canceled? Is the show delayed? Will we get Transplant season 2? Don’t worry, we have answers to all your questions. Looks like the renewal of the series will take a good amount of time. Stay tuned with us, to find all about Transplant Season 2, just here!

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People were urging the NBC network to launch something creative and highly interesting on their platform. The never-ending pandemic delayed many upcoming shows and movies. But it also gave an opportunity to all the channel networks and online streaming platforms to look outside the box. In the year 2020, the NBC network acquired a license from the US broadcast rights to showcase the highly popular Canadian medical drama series, titled Transplant on their channel. The first season of the show was released in early 2020.

Transplant season 1 in a very short time managed to grab the attention of the crowd. The audience went crazy over all the episodes of the show. Thus plans have been made to launch another season for the series. Ever since the audience received this news, they have been highly excited to see the show. Originally, the series, Transplant season 2 was scheduled for September. But where is it? The show was slated to get aired this September on NBC’s network, but that will not take place. In fact, we strongly think, the fans will have to wait the whole of this year. Yes, the show won’t be released at any point in time, this year in 2021.

When Will Transplant season 2 Release on NBC Network?

NBC Network has officially made a statement and has announced, Transplant season 2 will not be occurring this year. We are anticipating, Transplant season 2 will come out somewhere in the upcoming year, 2022. At this point in time, NBC has still not notified us anything about the rescheduling of the series. We still need to wait a while until the NBC network comes up with its midseason charts. Only after the midseason chart, we will find out when will the Transplant sequel actually release. Thus the series, Transplant season 2 might appear somewhere around the month of March or April, next year in 2022.

The NBC network is really tight about telling us any updates or news about the show. We still don’t have a clear idea about why the show has been pushed back! But we are guessing the delay had occurred due to pandemics or some unavoidable glitches. I know the fans must be really disappointed upon knowing that there won’t be any Transplant sequel to get released this year in September 2021. But I can guarantee you, the wait will be worth it. Stay connected with us, we will definitely notify you about the release date of Transplant Season 2 as soon as it comes out.

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