Tony Romo Wife is Related to Jerry Jones: Fact or Fiction?

Tony Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS Sports analyst, has been married to Candice Crawford since 2011. Candice is a former beauty queen who competed in Miss USA and a former sports anchor in Dallas. But is she related to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys?

The Rumor

The rumor that Tony Romo’s wife is related to Jerry Jones has been circulating for a long time, especially among Cowboys fans who wonder if Romo’s relationship with Jones influenced his career. Some sources claim that Candice is the daughter of Jones, while others say she is his niece or cousin.

The rumor seems to be based on the fact that Candice and Jones share the same last name, Crawford, and that they both have ties to Arkansas. Jones was born in Los Angeles but grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where he attended high school and college. Candice was born in Lubbock, Texas, but her father, Chris Crawford, is from Arkansas and played basketball for the University of Arkansas.

The Truth

According to Yesichat, Tony Romo’s wife Candice Crawford does not seem to be related to Jerry Jones at all. The site states that she is expected to be the daughter of the wealthy owner of Dallas, but that is not true. The site also mentions that their wedding was attended by the Jones family, which is true but does not imply any blood relation.

According to FanBuzz, Romo and Candice met in 2009 when she was working as a reporter for KDAF-TV in Dallas. They started dating shortly after Romo broke up with singer Jessica Simpson via email. They got engaged in 2010 on Candice’s 24th birthday and got married in 2011 during the NFL lockout in a ceremony attended by Cowboys icons Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach and owner Jerry Jones.

According to 247Sports, Romo and Candice have a very special bond with the Jones family, but it is based on friendship and respect, not kinship. The site features an exclusive interview with Romo and Candice where they explain their relationship with Jones and his wife Gene. They say that they are very close to them and that they consider them as family, but not in a literal sense.

According to Heavy, Romo and Candice have three sons: Hawkins, Rivers, and Jones. The youngest son’s name may raise some eyebrows, but it is not a tribute to Jerry Jones. It is actually a tribute to Romo’s grandfather, Ramiro Romo, who passed away in 2015.

The Conclusion

Tony Romo’s wife Candice Crawford is not related to Jerry Jones by blood or marriage. They share the same last name by coincidence and they both have connections to Arkansas by heritage. They are very close friends with the Jones family and they attend each other’s events and celebrations. They regard each other as family in a figurative way, but not in a factual way.

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