RockStar Games Might Have Leaked The Location Of Its Upcoming GTA 6 Game

GTA 6 presently can’t seem to be authoritatively affirmed, however, it’s very nearly an inescapable result that Rockstar is chipping away at development to outstanding amongst other selling games ever. Presently, this most recent break may have given us an idea with regards to what time frame the game will be set in.

A task posting at Rockstar India for a Mixed Media Animator has got some bird peered toward gamers estimating that GTA 6 will indeed have a current setting, instead of being set during the 1980s as a few well-known fan speculations have recommended.

The work posting spreads out the duties of the situation as making “content for in-game media for our game world to make vivid encounters” just as working “on various stages to make numerous style of substance for In-game Media.”

While this is all beautiful ambiguous, fans via web-based media have theorized that the expression “in-game media” alludes to the different in-game sites, TV shows, and viral recordings that can found in GTA 5’s open world.

Obviously, a game set during the 1980s wouldn’t have a requirement for any in-game sites so this work posting could be a clue that GTA 6 will, truth be told, be set in the present day (or if nothing else the 21st century).

Conceded this work posting is a long way from an affirmation. Initially, in-game media could allude to in-game TV programs, or even papers or magazines, which obviously would exist in an 80s setting. Also, there’s no affirmation that the effective contender for this work posting would really be dealing with GTA 6, it very well may be a situation for another Rockstar project.

How did we know?

The situation started to get interesting anyway when Tom Henderson, generally known for releasing different Battlefield 6 data, took to online media to guarantee that GTA 6 will have a current setting instead of being set during the 1980s. Henderson additionally guaranteed on Twitter that the following GTA will have an online segment, which is obviously a lot of anticipated.

Tales about GTA 6 have been flying around the web throughout recent years, the most well-known hypothesis is that the game will be set around there — GTA’s interpretation of Miami. Which was last included in the PSP side project game GTA: Vice City Stories back in 2006.

Some gamers have inferred that the game will really traverse numerous areas, with a few urban communities to investigate, after it was released that Rockstar has been planning areas all through the United States. This appears far-fetched to us, however.

While this most recent occupation posting has surely made us can’t help thinking about how might affect GTA 6, it merits recalling that this is all hypothesis. It’s still prone to be a couple of years before we have any strong subtleties on the following Grand Theft Auto game.

Rockstar’s next project is a PS5 and Xbox Series X port of GTA 5, just as carrying GTA Online to the up-and-coming age of consoles as an independent game. It appears to be coherent that we will not hear anything official about GTA 6 positively until after these ventures are wrapped up.


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