Robert Downey Jr. is Having MARRIAGE PROBLEMS with Susan Downey, According to Insider Sources

Is our favorite Hollywood star going through Marriage problems? Is Robert Downey Jr. unhappy with his wife? There has been so much news which states that Robert Downey and Susan Downey are going through Marriage ups and downs! Are the rumors even true? What is the actual revelation behind this news? Well, stay tuned with us to know it all about the couple, just right here!

Is the Couple Really Struggling With Their Marriage? Find Out The Truth Right Down Here!

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife are seen as one of the ideal Hollywood couples out there! We personally think the rumors out there are just false allegations on the couple! This isn’t new, a few years back too there were rumors about them being on an edge of breaking up! But guess what that rumor was also false! Even during rough stages, the couple hasn’t shattered apart!

As per our records, the couple is really happy with their three kids! They share two beautiful kids named, Exton and Avri. Well, Robert also shares a son named, Indio with his ex-partner, Deborah Falconer. Now coming to the couple, Robert and Susan met in a filming set back in the year, 2003. The couple tied their wedding knot in the year 2005 and are still standing strong! We don’t really want to see the couple ripped apart.

The couple has worked together on many film projects and has always been on each other’s side! Over the passing years, we are sure that the couple might have gone through both major and minor types of ups and downs, but they still have been glued to one another. But we will definitely notify you if a real break or crack happens in their relationship. But as of now, there isn’t really any issue in their marriage life.

Robert Downey Writing A Beautiful Message On His Wife’s Birthday!

We all know how romantic is our famous Iron Man in movies! But looks like our star is also really adorable off the screen. Recently we saw him writing a truly beautiful and cute message for his wife on his official social media handle!

On the occasion of Susan’s Birthday, Robert had dropped in a very cute message for his very gorgeous-looking wife. This goes back to the 6th of November,2021. Robert showed his gratitude and love towards his wife’s through support in his life and career. In the message, Robert declared on an open note, his love for his gorgeous wife Susan Downey. We all know Robert Downey’s life revolves around his wife and three children.

We all love our Iron Man for his looks, charms, and kindness! But guess what the star sensation gives all his winnings and credits to his wife, Susan Downey. He thinks himself really lucky to have Susan in her life! His tribute to his wife Susan Downey has definitely touched all of his fans’ hearts! For more such updates and news on the latest celebrity gossips and juicy tales, stay connected with us!

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