New Fast X Leaked Photo teases Vin Diesel and Brie Larson together

We are here to talk about the big update which has been put through regarding Fast X as the photograph from the set has been leaked and everyone is talking about it.

Fast 10 has been in development at the time and though there was news that there would be two parts for the tenth installment of the title and mentioning the part that the audience is eagerly waiting for the title to come forward with a new storyline and its no doubt that it would be bigger than everyone expects it to be.

Also mention the part that some of the big changes are being put ahead on the new installment of the title such as the storyline along with the cast whereas there has been news that there would also be a glimpse of Paul Walker in the final installment of the title.

Brie Larson would be stepping forward in the new installment of Fast

Vin Diesel on the other hand also came forward with the big update stating that Brie Larson, who is originally known for her role in Captain Marvel will be joining the cast of the upcoming movie, and the big news caught a lot of attention of the audience.

Moreover to mention that things did not start off on a smooth note when Vin Diesel had a disagreement on some part with Justin Lin as the director has brought over multiple movies in the franchise but he has been now replaced with Louis Leterrier. Despite the setback part, Vin Diesel has been sharing a number of positive posts and more information about the upcoming title.

Diesel recently shared a new photo with Brie Larson the fans stated that it is a scene from the movie and the photo has gotten viral through the period time whereas to mention that Diesel also put over a caption that you will meet some people in life that will change you, change your family and world and also put a hashtag with Fast 10.

The movie is scheduled to release on 02/23 and also it has been witnessing some delays due to the pandemic but now it would be put back ahead on the track. The audience on the other hand has also predicted that the entry of Brie Larson into the installment could be a big one and that it could make the upcoming installment even bigger at the time.

The storyline would be set accordingly now that Brie Larson has entered whereas there has not been any information or news to what role she would hold in the upcoming movie. It is yet to see what more big surprises the movie have in store for their fans as the big hype is building up at the time and now that we are closing forward to the release date of the title and more development status shall be dropped by the authorities soon.

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