Mieruko-chan Season 2 Release Date, Latest Updates and Expectations

Mieruko- chan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomoki Izumi. The manga was first serial online on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website in November 2018, and since also it has been published in English by Yen Press. The anime adaption of the successful manga series was announced on March 18, 2021, and it premiered on October 3, 2021. The first season ran for twelve episodes and concluded on December 19, 2021. Since the conclusion of the first season, fans have been eagerly staying for the second season of the show.

Renewal Status of Mieruko- chan Season 2

As of now, there has been no official announcement about the renewal of Mieruko- chan Season 2. still, the show has not been canceled, and it’s still feasible for the sequel to be produced in the future.

Possibility of Mieruko- chan Season 2

The anime adaptation has entered widespread critical sun and fan appreciation. The manga has also entered an immense popularity boost thanks to the anime adaptation, and there’s a high demand for the series in bookstores and general stores. This alone is further than enough reason to guarantee Mieruko- chan Season 2.

With the manga series having only four volumes ahead of the anime, it’s possible that we may have to wait a little longer for the announcement of Mieruko- chan Season 2. still, it’s highly possible that we will see the second season of the show in the future.
As of yet, there has been no sanctioned advertisement regarding the renewal of Mieruko- chan Season 2. still, the show has not been canceled, and given the fashionability of the first season, it’s largely likely that a second season will be produced in the near future.

Storyline and Plot

Miko Yotsuya is a high school student who has the unique capability to see invisible monsters walking freely among humans. These monsters utter the disturbing words Can you see me? and cause chaos in the lives of those around Miko. Despite being scared, Miko decides to ignore the presence of the monsters and cover her friends and family from their disturbances.

In Mieruko- chan Season 2, fans can expect Miko to continue her journey of guarding her friends and family against the monsters. The show will also claw deeper into the origin and nature of the monsters, providing a more in-depth and interesting storyline.

Characters and Cast

The main characters of the show are Miko Yotsuya and Hana Yurikawa. Miko is the promoter of the show and is raised by Japanese voice actress Rika Nagae. Hana is Miko’s best friend and is raised by Japanese voice actress Ayumi Mano.

Prospects for Mieruko- chan Season 2

Fans can expect Mieruko- chan Season 2 to bring even more excitement and humor to the table. With the eventuality for a deeper and further interesting storyline, fans can also expect the show to offer a unique and witching experience.


Mieruko- chan is a popular anime series that has entered widespread critical acclaim and fan appreciation. With no official announcement about the renewal of Mieruko- chan Season 2, fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the show. Although it may take some time, it’s highly likely that we will see Mieruko- chan Season 2 in the future.


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