Kanye West feels betrayed after Kim Kardashian kisses Pete Davidson in latest Instagram Post

We are here to talk about the latest controversy which is being talked about as the drama of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is not taking an endpoint anytime soon.

The relationship controversy of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has escalated through in the period of time. Mentioning the fact that Kanye West has tried his best to not give up on his marriage with Kim but the couple parted ways last year whereas Kim also filed for divorce back in February of 2021.

Also to mention the part that things have gotten serious for Kanye ever since the split took place. Moreover to mention that the famous rapper has made a number of attempts at the time to fix the issues in their marriage but it seemed at the time that Kim was almost done with Kanye.


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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have finally parted ways

Kanye has made some of the big attempts at the time and even publically such as the part where he has referred his ex-wife in his songs from the latest album title named Donda. Kanye also came forward to announce that he has done some of the things in his marriage which he regrets and also admitted that were wrong at the time but to mention the part that he also believed that the things he has done in there could be fixed afterall and also preferred at the time that they should keep fighting the big differences in their marriage.

Kim Kardashian is done with Kanye and her agents have spoken forward to bring forth the process of divorce and so there were reports over the time that Kanye was not signing the papers and still wanted to fix things after what took place at the time.

Kanye has not stopped believing at the time that his marriage could be fixed afterall whereas to mention that the dating rumors of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian started spreading around soon enough to come under the notice of the personality.

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The rumors turned out to be true afterall and the relationship of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian has also turned out to be serious at the period of time. The sources have also mentioned over time that Pete has a number of future plans with Kim and that he would move ahead to bring the best to their relationship.

Also to mention the part that Kanye has often felt bad with all the news of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson whereas to mention that Kim recently posted a picture of her and Pete kissing on Instagram and though this came into the attention of Kanye West while the personality has also shared the words that he feels betrayed after coming across the post. The drama afterall continues between them and it is also escalating over time but they would also be co-parenting their children and may probably sort their differences out for the best.

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