Is Turles Related to Goku? The Truth Behind the Saiyan Lookalikes

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you might have wondered why Turles, the villain of the third movie The Tree of Might, looks exactly like Goku, the hero of the series. Are they brothers? Cousins? Clones? The answer is not so simple, and it depends on which source you trust. In this article, we will explore the different explanations for their uncanny resemblance and what it means for their characters.

The Official Explanation: Low-Class Saiyans Have Similar Faces

According to the official explanation given by Turles himself in the movie, he and Goku are not related by blood. They were both born into a low social class among Saiyans, which is why they have similar facial structures and physical appearances. This is also stated in the Dragon Ball Z: Anime Film Comics, which say that the facial patterns of each warrior are similar within the low-rank Saiyans.

This explanation makes sense if we consider that Saiyans are a warrior race that value strength and power above all else. Those who are born with low power levels are assigned to low-class status and sent to conquer weak planets or serve under stronger Saiyans. They are not given much respect or recognition by their peers, and they have little chance of improving their situation. Therefore, it is possible that their genetic diversity is limited due to their harsh living conditions and lack of opportunities.

The Unofficial Explanation: Turles Is Goku’s Older Brother

However, some fans are not satisfied with the official explanation and prefer to believe that Turles and Goku are actually brothers. This idea was spread by some early printed material and some English dubs of the movie, which claimed that Turles was Goku’s older brother who escaped Planet Vegeta’s destruction and became a space pirate.

This explanation adds more drama and intrigue to their relationship, as it implies that Turles knows more about Goku’s past and heritage than he does. It also creates a contrast between their personalities and choices, as Turles represents what Goku could have become if he had not hit his head as a baby and forgotten his Saiyan mission. Turles is ruthless, arrogant, and ambitious, while Goku is kind, humble, and heroic.

However, this explanation is officially inaccurate, as it contradicts the canon story of Dragon Ball Z. We know that Goku’s only brother is Raditz, who came to Earth to recruit him for the Saiyan invasion. We also know that Goku’s parents were Bardock and Gine, who sent him away to save him from Frieza’s genocide. There is no mention of Turles in any of these sources, and no evidence that he is related to Goku in any way.

The Symbolic Explanation: Turles Is Goku’s Dark Mirror

Another way to look at Turles and Goku’s resemblance is to see it as a symbolic device rather than a literal one. Turles is meant to be a dark mirror for Goku, a reflection of what he could have been if he had followed his Saiyan nature instead of his Earthling upbringing. Turles shows us how Goku would act if he had no morals, no friends, and no compassion.

Turles shares many traits with Goku, such as his passion for fighting, his desire to get stronger, and his appetite for food. However, he uses these traits for evil purposes, such as conquering planets, killing innocent people, and eating the fruit of the Tree of Might, which grants him immense power at the cost of draining the life force of the planet. He also mocks Goku for abandoning his Saiyan heritage and siding with weaklings.

Turles is not only a physical copy of Goku, but also a psychological one. He represents the dark side of Goku’s personality, the side that is driven by selfishness and pride. He challenges Goku to embrace his true nature and join him in his quest for domination. He is the ultimate test for Goku’s character, as he forces him to confront his own identity and choose between his two worlds.

Conclusion: Turles Is Not Related to Goku

In conclusion, we can say that Turles is not related to Goku by blood or by family ties. He is simply a low-class Saiyan who happens to look like him due to their similar social status. However, he is more than just a coincidence or a mistake. He is a meaningful character who serves as a foil and an antagonist for Goku. He shows us what Goku could have been if he had not found a home on Earth and learned the values of love and peace. He is a reminder of Goku’s origins and his potential, as well as his contrast and his enemy.

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