Is Trey Sanders Related to Deion Sanders? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Who is Trey Sanders?

Trey Sanders is a college football player who was a former five-star recruit and the top-rated running back prospect in 2019. He committed to Alabama Crimson Tide, but his career has been hampered by injuries and lack of playing time. He has entered the transfer portal as a graduate and is looking for a new destination.

Who is Deion Sanders?

Deion Sanders is a former NFL star and a Pro Football Hall of Famer. He played for several teams, including the Atlanta Falcons, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Baltimore Ravens. He was known for his speed, versatility, and charisma. He is also a former baseball player who played for four MLB teams, including the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves.

Are they related?

No, Trey Sanders and Deion Sanders are not related by blood or by marriage. They just happen to share the same surname and the same passion for football. However, Trey Sanders has expressed his interest in playing for Deion Sanders, who has recently become the head coach of the University of Colorado Boulder’s football team.

Why did Trey Sanders tweet at Deion Sanders?

On December 5, 2022, Trey Sanders tweeted at Deion Sanders, asking him if he had room for him at Colorado. He called him “Unc”, which is a term of endearment and respect, not an indication of kinship. Trey Sanders was joking about joining his “uncle” at Boulder, where Deion Sanders has taken over as the new coach.

Trey sanders @6sixGod_

You got room for me Unc..? @DeionSanders @CUBuffsFootball



Trey Sanders was probably impressed by Deion Sanders’ success at Jackson State, where he led the team to a 27-5 record and a SWAC title in two seasons. Deion Sanders has also named his son, Shedeur Sanders, as the starting quarterback for Colorado. Shedeur Sanders played under his father at Jackson State and threw four touchdowns in his final game.

What are the chances of Trey Sanders joining Colorado?

It is not clear if Trey Sanders has received an offer from Colorado or if he is seriously considering it. He may have other options as well, such as Florida State, Georgia, or Texas A&M. However, if he does join Colorado, he would be playing for one of the most legendary players and coaches in football history. He would also be joining a program that is looking to rebuild and compete in the Pac-12 conference.


Trey Sanders and Deion Sanders are not related, but they share a common love for football. Trey Sanders is a talented running back who is looking for a fresh start after leaving Alabama. Deion Sanders is a former NFL superstar who is now coaching Colorado. Trey Sanders tweeted at Deion Sanders, asking him if he had room for him at Boulder. He called him “Unc”, which is a nickname, not a sign of family ties. Trey Sanders may or may not join Colorado, but he has shown his admiration and respect for Deion Sanders.

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