Is the Big Show Related to Andre the Giant? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many wrestling fans have wondered if the Big Show, one of the largest and most successful wrestlers of all time, is related to Andre the Giant, the legendary giant of the ring who was known as “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. The two men share a striking resemblance in size, shape and facial features, and both suffered from a rare condition called acromegaly, which causes excessive growth of bones and tissues. However, despite these similarities, the Big Show and Andre the Giant are not related by blood or by family.

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor that the Big Show is Andre the Giant’s son started in 1995, when the Big Show made his debut in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under the ring name “The Giant”. He was introduced as the son of Andre the Giant, who had died two years earlier, and he was involved in a feud with Hulk Hogan, who had famously defeated Andre at WrestleMania III in 1987. The WCW storyline claimed that The Giant wanted to avenge his father’s loss and take Hogan’s WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

The WCW apparently thought that Andre’s last name was “The Giant”, but his real name was André René Roussimoff. They also did not have the permission or the rights to use Andre’s name or likeness, so they were sued by Andre’s estate for trademark infringement. The WCW eventually dropped the angle and stopped referring to The Giant as Andre’s son.

The Real Backgrounds of the Big Show and Andre the Giant

The Big Show’s real name is Paul Wight Jr., and he was born in South Carolina in 1972. He is named after his father, Paul Wight Sr., who was not a wrestler. He grew up playing basketball and football, and he was diagnosed with acromegaly when he was 19 years old. He had a tumor removed from his pituitary gland that halted the progression of the disease, but he had already grown to over 7 feet tall and over 400 pounds.

Andre the Giant’s real name was André René Roussimoff, and he was born in France in 1946. He also had acromegaly, but he did not receive any treatment for it. He started wrestling at the age of 18, and he traveled around the world as a special attraction. He became one of the most popular and respected wrestlers of all time, and he also appeared in movies and TV shows, such as The Princess Bride and The Six Million Dollar Man. He had one daughter named Robin Christensen Roussimoff, who was born in 1979. He died in 1993 at the age of 46 from congestive heart failure.

The Legacy of the Big Show and Andre the Giant

The Big Show and Andre the Giant are both considered to be among the greatest giants in wrestling history. They have both won multiple championships and accolades, and they have both been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. They have also both been honored with a memorial trophy that is awarded to the winner of an annual battle royal at WrestleMania, named after them.

The Big Show has often expressed his admiration and respect for Andre the Giant, and he has said that he considers him to be his idol and inspiration. He has also said that he does not mind being compared to Andre, as long as it is done respectfully. He has also denied any rumors that he is Andre’s son or nephew, and he has clarified that they are not related at all.

According to, while both Andre the Giant and the Big Show grew to enormous size due to acromegaly, they are not related by blood or by family. According to, they share the same medical condition, but they have different backgrounds and origins. According to Wikipedia, they have both been influential and successful wrestlers who have been honored with a memorial trophy at WrestleMania.

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