Is Squidward Related to Squilliam? The Truth Behind the Rivalry

Squidward Tentacles and Squilliam Fancyson are two characters from SpongeBob SquarePants who have a long-standing rivalry that stems from their high school days. They are both octopuses who share many physical features, but have very different personalities and achievements. Squidward is a grumpy, pessimistic, and unsuccessful cashier at the Krusty Krab, while Squilliam is a rich, arrogant, and successful musician, entrepreneur, and celebrity. But are they related by blood? And what is the origin of their feud? In this article, we will explore the possible answers to these questions.

The Similarities Between Squidward and Squilliam

One of the most obvious similarities between Squidward and Squilliam is their appearance. They both have turquoise skin, light yellow eyes with dark red pupils, and six tentacles. They also have similar facial features, such as a large nose and a prominent chin. The only noticeable difference is that Squilliam has a thick black unibrow, which he considers to be “big and valuable” .

Another similarity is their interest in music and art. They both play the clarinet, although Squilliam is much more skilled than Squidward. They also enjoy painting, sculpting, and other forms of artistic expression. However, while Squilliam is praised for his talent and creativity, Squidward is often ridiculed and ignored for his lack of talent and originality.

The Differences Between Squidward and Squilliam

Despite their similarities, Squidward and Squilliam have very different lifestyles and personalities. Squidward lives in a modest house between SpongeBob’s pineapple and Patrick’s rock. He works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab, where he is constantly annoyed by his boss Mr. Krabs, his co-worker SpongeBob, and his customers. He has few friends and hobbies, and he is unhappy with his life.

Squilliam, on the other hand, lives in a luxurious tower with a private yacht, a private lake, a private heliport, a private island, and a balloon/casino . He is a successful band director, multi-millionaire, and celebrity who has many fans and friends. He has many hobbies and passions, and he is satisfied with his life.

Squidward and Squilliam also have different personalities. Squidward is grumpy, pessimistic, sarcastic, and insecure. He often complains about his problems and blames others for his failures. He has low self-esteem and confidence, and he is easily embarrassed and intimidated by others.

Squilliam is mean, selfish, sadistic, arrogant, and narcissistic. He often brags about his achievements and mocks others for their failures. He has high self-esteem and confidence, and he is not afraid to assert his superiority over others.

The Origin of Their Rivalry

Squidward and Squilliam have been rivals since they were in high school band class together. According to Antagonists Wiki, Squilliam was born into a rich and influential family, while Squidward was born into a poor and humble one. This could explain why they have different tastes, hobbies, and ambitions in life.

Squilliam was always better than Squidward in everything they did. He was more popular, more talented, more successful, and more handsome than Squidward. He also enjoyed bullying and humiliating Squidward in front of everyone.

Squidward was always jealous of Squilliam’s success and happiness. He wanted to prove himself to be better than Squilliam in something they both cared about: music and art. However, he always failed to impress anyone with his mediocre skills.

Their rivalry continued into adulthood, where they occasionally met each other in various situations. Squilliam always took the opportunity to flaunt his wealth and fame in front of Squidward’s face. He also challenged Squidward to compete with him in various tasks or events that involved music or art.

Squidward always accepted the challenge in hopes of finally beating his rival or impressing him with his abilities. However, he always ended up failing miserably or being exposed as a liar or a fraud by SpongeBob’s antics or his own mistakes.

The Conclusion

So are Squidward and Squilliam related by blood? The answer is most likely no. There is no evidence that suggests that they are siblings or cousins or any other kind of relatives. They are just two octopuses who happen to look alike but have very different lives.

However, they are related by their shared history of rivalry that dates back to their high school days. They are both driven by their passion for music and art but have opposite outcomes in their careers and personal lives.

Squidward represents the average person who struggles to achieve their dreams and find happiness in their mundane existence. Squilliam represents the successful person who has everything they want and enjoys rubbing it in the face of their less fortunate peers.

Their rivalry is a source of comedy and drama in the show, as well as a lesson for the viewers. It shows that success is not everything, and that happiness comes from within. It also shows that being mean and arrogant is not a good way to treat others, and that being humble and kind is more rewarding.

Squidward and Squilliam are two sides of the same coin, but they are not related by blood. They are related by their rivalry.

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